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November 2021 Newsletter

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  • Office Closed Veteran's Day
  • Office Closed Thanksgiving
Upcoming Events
  • 2021 Cover Crop Grazing Conference
  • Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition Road Show Coming to Gage County
  • Extension Board Meeting - November 9
Horticulture - Nicole Stoner
  • Trees and Wind
  • Apples and Pumpkins

4-H & Youth Development - Jacie Milius

  • Achievement Day Celebration
Food, Nutrition & Health - Tara Dunker
  • Farm to school is a win for all
  • 8 food facts you can use to impress people

Water and Integrated Cropping Systems- Nathan Mueller

  • Using CropScape, the Online Cropland Data Layer
  • Soil sample for nematodes after soybean harvest


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2021 Cover Crop Grazing Conference

Nebraska beef producers and corn growers can enhance their operations by attending the 2021 Cover Crop Grazing Conference at ENREC (near Mead) on November 16th! This inaugural event will include a trade show, speakers, a producer Q&A panel, and live field demonstrations. For more information contact Connor Biehler at (402)624-8007 or

Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition Road Show Coming to Gage County

Joshua and Tara Dukart of Seek First Ranch in western North Dakota believe ranchers, farmers & other ag professionals have a unique ability to simultaneously and synergistically regenerate soils, build healthy profits, and achieve their desired quality of life & relationships. They also know how challenging it can be to find the right balance when not all team members are pulling in the same direction, when prices are beyond our control, and when weather just won’t cooperate. Whether you are currently in a season of balance or unbalance; crisis or calm, we invite you to join us to hear this dynamic couple.

4:45 PM to 9 PM, Gage County Extension Office, Beatrice, NE.

$20 registration fee payable at the door. Students and local FFA chapters encouraged to attend. Students are free. Meal provided. Must pre-register by November 2 to reserve a meal by calling the Gage County Extension office 402-223-1384.

Extension Board Meeting

The next Extension Board meeting is Tuesday, November 9th at noon at the Gage County Extension Office.

Trees and Wind

It is fall, and like many fall days, I look out my window to strong winds, which isn’t a surprise since I live in Nebraska. The wind really moves our plants, sometimes that movement is beneficial, but it can also be harmful to the trees and other plants it affects.

Apples and Pumpkins

It is fall and the weather is starting to seem like it. Two of my favorite things about fall are pumpkins and apples, which can both be grown in your own backyard. They are both so delicious and can be used in all kinds of baked goods as well as give us great fall scents.

4-H & Youth Development - Jacie Milius, Extension Educator

Achievement Celebration

Mark your calendars for Sunday, December 5th at 1:30 pm for the Achievement Celebration!! The celebration will take place in the 4-H Building. We will recognize:

County project awards


Diamond Clover Club

Leader recognition

Volunteer Years of Service

10 Year Members

Club Awards

Youth at Work Grant Recipients

Friend of 4-H, 4-H Alumni, and Business Recognition

Persons receiving awards will receive an invitation; watch for further details.

Food, Nutrition & Health - Tara Dunker, Extension Educator

Farm to school is a win for all

If you like the idea of healthy children and a robust local economy, then consider yourself a proponent of Farm to School. Never heard of it before? Farm to School is a program that communities can adopt to connect children, schools and local farmers. Research shows these connections improve a child’s nutrition and academic performance, strengthen local food systems and protect the environment.

8 food facts you can use to impress people

I had so much fun creating a food facts trivia game recently and thought: why not make it into an article for my readers? The facts are very random, so sit back and enjoy the here, there and everywhere stuff you're about to learn.

Using CropScape, the Online Cropland Data Layer

Each year satellite imagery and ground truthing are combined to create a geospatial data layer that reveal which crop was grown on each field throughout the United States. This annual United States Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Statistics Service (USDA-NASS) analysis and resulting map is called the Cropland Data Layer (CDL). The CDL provides an estimated acreage of each major crop.

Soil sample for nematodes after soybean harvest

Soybean cyst nematodes (SCN) are a plant-parasitic roundworm that attack soybeans in Saline, Jefferson, and Gage counties. The pest is not new or unfamiliar to area farmers and agronomists. However, sometimes we get too comfortable with old issues. As a reminder, SCN is the #1 yield-grabbing pest in U.S. soybean production.