Weekly RoaR

Week ending November 14, 2014

Team Leader Minutes

  • Recess Weather - See email from Nicole sent on Friday, Nov. 14 for most updated information.
  • Pancake Breakfast - We still need to fill some openings on Saturday, December 6. If you wouldn't mind filling a second spot, we would be ecstatic to have you. We have requested volunteers from WHS NHS and StuCo, as well as FBC Wylie. As we get volunteers, we will fill in the spots. Also, please know that this is a school-sponsored event, not PTA.
  • Smore - Keep it or not? Take this survey to let us know.
  • PTA & Recess Duty - We will allow them to take the students outside this time. We have a new "plan" for our PTA volunteers.

Canned Food Drive

Way to go, Dinos! We collected 7,633 items this year for the Christian Care Center.

Mrs. Perigo & Mrs. Neal tied for first place with over a 1,000 items each. Ms. Coffman, Mrs. Lope, Mrs. Perigo, & Mrs. Neal all collected over 500 items, so they'll receive two hours off!

Dates to Remember

No PLCs or DRIVE this week.

November 19 - 2nd grade field trip

November 19 - 7AM Faculty Group Picture; Student Make Up/Retakes

November 20 - PTA Luncheon

November 21 - DinoBeat, K-1 DinoKids; PTA to cover recess; Jump Rope for Heart

November 22 to 30 - Thanksgiving Break!!! ...like you didn't already know. ;)

December 1 - Achieve Academy Transition Students' Sale

December 6 - Pancake Breakfast

Happy Birthday to You!

18 - Winger ... it was not on the 11th. Sorry for aging you too soon, Mrs. Winger. ;)


Classrooms MUST be monitored at all times. If you step out, your neighbor must be notified to help you monitor your students. Several classrooms were called this week and the response received was, "She's not here!!" by students. Eeek.