Lane's poems and essay

the 7th grade poetry project


when you get hit by a pitch

shake it off and go to first

pop the sound of the ball hitting the a glove

ump calls strike three

you see the batters face

he looks like a time bomb about to go off

your the pitcher you throw some heat

whoop pop a swing and a miss

you throw a curve

its going so slow its like a underhanded bean bag toss

crack it sounds like a crash

back back back its a catch for three outs you win

I hate poems

they tell me poems are good

and poems are all music

but i listen to my music

and then to their poems

and when i think about it

i really don't see anything the same

i like my music and things like that

but not poems

poems are like eating a wet sandwich

i just really don't like poems


some people say footballs bad

because you get hit real hard

i just shake my head and say that's sad

so you get hit you must fight for every yard

quarterback says ready set

on defense hit the guy with the ball

on offense you must let the receiver get a L.E.T

he must not fall

go score a touchdown

kick a field goal through the goal post

if you miss its such a letdown

you kick the returners toast

footballs a simple game made hard by coaches

in the locker room you must avoid the roaches

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poetry analysis - the analysis of baseball by May Swenson

May Swenson uses personification and onomatopoeia to help make the poem “The Analysis of Baseball” interesting to the reader and the audience. The meaning of the poem I think is to tell another person how to play the game of baseball.

She uses personification to help truly tell or to create a better understanding of the game for the reader. Like she says “the bat groans as it gets dropped in the dirt”. It tells you that it sounds like it is groaning when it hits the ground.

She onomatopoeia to help describe the sounds like it is groaning when it hits the ground.

She uses onomatopoeia to help describe the sounds of the game. She uses words such as thud, POW, dud, thwack, to show the sounds of the baseball game in a more understandable way. She uses no rhyme at all in this poem because it is not needed to describe the game.

The figurative language she use in the poem helps to make it an easier game to understand if see didn't the poem would be very dull and would not be near as good in my opinion.

In conclusion the figurative language helps make the poem much better. I think the meaning of the poem is to help someone who has not heard of or played baseball to understand the game in a simpler way then just here let me tell you how to play.