Covering JFK LBJ and Miranda vs. Arizona

John F. Kennedy

JFK entered the presidential race pretty late, he was not sure that he wanted to run for president. He finally made his decision and ended up becoming the United States President because people liked him. In my opinion, electing JFK as president was a smart idea. Kennedy started trying to "tackle" problems in America by proposing it to congress and then trying to help it how ever much he could. America was shocked over the death of their president. JFK had changed America in a pretty good way because he had worked on getting better education, helping poverty, towns with lots of unemployment, and also was pushing for civil rights. He affected other nations because right away in his presidency he had to make the decision whether or not continue with the Cuban missile crisis. This was one of the closest times that Russia and America got into actual war during the Cold War. I think that JFK was assassinated because he was pushing towards civil rights. He had lost some popularity from people because he was pushing for that but ultimately, I think Lee Harvey Oswald did not want civil rights and so he killed the man pushing for them.

Lyndon B. Johnson

He was working towards fighting poverty but he soon found his funds from poverty going into the Vietnam War. He put lots of funds into the education of public schools, and he worked on minimizing pollution. In my opinion, I do not think that Johnson was the appropriate leader to follow JFK because he was able to sway congress due to his connections. He had connections/friends in congress so he was able to take advantage of that and make them vote for what he wanted. The lasting impacts of these two presidents has been overall better for America. Things were falling in place when Kennedy was president, and lots of people liked him, and the LBJ took over and tried to continue. He did not have as many supporters as Kennedy did, but these two presidents made America turn in the right direction.

Miranda vs. Arizona

I agree with the supreme court's decision about Miranda. Although he did admit to doing the crime, they had no evidence of it other than the officers saying that he admitted to it, so I think they made the right decision by not convicting him of the crime based off of accusations that he did it. This case pushes towards civil rights because he was not read his rights before he admitted to the crime. There was big debate over this but in the end, the supreme court decided that since he had not been read his rights, they could not use that as a reason for charging him of the crime. Had the rights been read, this might not have been such a big case, but he didn't know his options/rights so he said the wrong thing, he was also mentally handicapped. I think this moved civil rights in the right direction because all over the country cops were handed out cards of the Miranda Warning. They read it to the people they dealt with because then there would not be so much debate over the case next time because they will have their rights read to them ahead of time.

Project by Luke Costlow