By: Brenna, Grace, Amaleah, Sam, and Lauren.

Product and service planning

  • Have certain rules to follow on how to set up and design their stores.
  • Have certain rules on what services to provide.


  • Buying the products to put in store.
  • Contact goods producers for what they want to purchase for their stores.


  • Figuring out how much they are going to spend on a certain category of items for their store.
  • Keeping track of how much money the have, how much money they make, and how much money they are going to spend.


  • Have their own trucks.
  • Have their own distribution centers.


  • Make an agreement with producers on how much they are going to sell their items.
  • They have the price match guarantee.
  • Even though they have the price match guarantee, they can cause the businesses to fail because of how low the prices are.

Risk managment

  • 5 step risk management program.
  1. Risk identification
  2. Risk mitigation
  3. Action planning
  4. Performance metrics
  5. Shareholder value/ return on investment

Marketing Info

  • Keep files of their sales/ incomes and expenses.
  • They decide from ^ what items they should keep or what items they have to give up.