The American Revolution

Chase Waterman

the Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea party was a bold political protest by the Sons of Liberty. They were protesting the Tea Act and all taxes from England. Dressed as American Indians; the protesters boarded a ship in the Boston Harbor, and dumped an entire shipment of tea into the water. The tea was sent by the East India Company, and all of it was destroyed. The Tea Act was protested because it violated the colonists right of "no taxation without representation".

Proclamation of 1763

The Royal Proclamation of 1763 was put out by King George III following the Seven Years War. After the war the British obtained some French territory. The Proclamation forbid colonists from settling past the Appalachian mountains. It created a boundary line to keep British Colonies and American Indians apart. Many settlements already exist past the line, some of which have been abandoned, the ones that had not been abandoned fought to have the line moved further and it eventually was.

Intolerable acts

The intolerable acts were laws made to punish the colonists for the Boston Tea Party. In Great Britain these laws were called the Coercive Acts. These laws took away self -government and historic rights. This enraged the colonists and helped kick start the American Revolution. Britain wanted these laws to make an example out of Boston but instead the other colonies joined along side with Boston and fought with them.

Lexington and Concord

The Battles of Lexington and Concord were the first battles of the revolutionary war. Fought on April 19th, 1775 these battles started a long war between the colonists and the British. Nobody knows who shot first at Lexington, but when the British heard a shot they began firing on the colonists. After getting fired on the colonists fled and hid out in bushes and trees and fired on the British from their hiding places. This was a new genius tactic called "guerrilla warfare" which caused the colonists to win these battles.

Battle of Saratoga

The battle of Saratoga marked the high point of the Saratoga campaign with an American victory over the British. The British tried to pull of a sneak attack through champions valley but ended up being surrounded by the Americans. They fought two battles on the same land and America won both times. After these battles the British surrendered their army. The British surrendered on October 17 and was called a great turning point of the war.

Battle of Yorktown

The Siege of Yorktown was on October 19th, at Yorktown. This victory was won by American troops teamed with French troops. This battle was one of the last battles of the revolutionary war. The surrender of British leader Cornwallis and the surrender of his men ended the battle. After his surrender Great Britain stepped in and started negotiating.