The Proof Project

Abbie McIntosh

Continental Drift

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Statement on Continental Drift

There were many ideas that Alfred Wegner's theory of continental drift could be proved. I believe that Wegner's theory is true. There were same animal fossils on different continents after they were split apart. Not only animal fossils but plant and rock fossils as well. Also warm climate plants were found on cold continents. These are some ways that help me believe that Wegner's theory is true.

Plate Tectonics

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Statement on Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics theory is when the Earth's crust is broken up into individual plates. There are three types of boundaries that follow along with plate tectonics. One is the convergent boundary that occurs when two plates are pushing towards each other. It creates subduction zones and volcanoes. Another boundary is the divergent boundary that occurs when two plates are moving away from each other. It creates rifts and seafloor spreading. Last boundary is a transform boundary that occurs when two plates slide past each other. This creates faults and earthquakes. Plate tectonics is individual plates that are broken up and can slide past each other, crash into each other or push away from each other.

Seafloor Spreading

Statement of Seafloor Spreading

For seafloor spreading they found proof of the continents moving by finding old and young rocks and mountain ridges. The magma comes through the middle of the ocean towards the bottom. The magnetic reversal is where the energy spreads a different way than the continents. The oceanic crust is less dense because its under the ocean. The continental crust is more dense because its on top. The mid ocean ridge is the mountains towards the middle of the ocean. The subduction zone is where the ocean floor goes back down to the mantle. So therefore with this proof I believe the theory of seafloor spreading