1B Weekly News

December 17, 2015

A Note From Mrs. Waters

This week was a lot of fun. On Tuesday, Lower Elementary celebrated Qatar National day by rotating and doing many Qatari activities planned by the principals and specialist teachers. Ask your child which activity he/she liked the best.

On Wednesday, the first graders had fun rotating through a couple of first grade classrooms for different winter activities. Then we had a wonderful holiday party!

Then, on Thursday, the students finished the last rotation and did some other fun things at school.

Please remember to help Marcus' mom, Joan, with the 1B silent auction gift basket for the Friendship Festival. She would like you to donate tea, coffee, chocolate, biscuits or something else for the basket. She already has a nice silver tea set for it. If you get something bring it to school with a note: To Joan for 1B silent auction basket.

As a present, your child brought home a homework pass for one assignment of homework. They may choose one piece of homework not to do in the future and staple it to their homework packet.

Have a great winter break and Happy Holidays!

Below is what we will work on when we return in January.

School Announcements

Important Dates

  • December 18 - January 2: Winter Break
  • Sunday, January 3: Return to school
  • January 5: Full Day Tuesday