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SPRING BREAK: March 23 - 27


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Thank you

Challenging times reveal true character. Thank you for responding to these challenging times with great character. The choices we make today will leave a lasting impression on the students in our care.
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Please Review the Items Below

Student Survey Results

Student Feedback about At-Home Learning

Generally, we received a lot of positive responses to our survey. The survey consisted of four prompts.

  1. Briefly describe what has gone well.

  2. Briefly describe what has been a challenge.

  3. What can we do to improve our process?

  4. Is there anything else you’d like to share with us?

There were many, many complimentary comments provided about the teacher’s practices and the process we are following. Some students struggle with motivation - anything we can do to encourage them is welcomed (i.e. short, daily video messages)

Comments for improvement fell into two major areas.

  • Organization

    • Some of these comments were about how the student could personally stay more organized with all the different classes - what needs to be done, when it is due...etc.

    • Students really appreciate when timelines or daily reminders (through remind or some other form) are provided.

    • Being very clear on when things are due is really important.

  • Communication

    • Consistent and timely responses from the teachers is very important.

    • Setting up a way for students to receive face-to-face interactions (virtually) with the teacher seems very important to some students - especially in math.

    • Make sure instructions are clear and provide examples. How can a student connect with you if they have questions?

Other areas to consider

  • Workload

    • Not a lot of comments here, but always worth keeping an eye on. Find some trusted students and ask them how the workload has been.

  • Survey your classes

    • I would encourage you to open up some lines for your students to give you feedback.

    • If you’re not hearing from everyone, seek out those who aren’t responding (email parents, call them at home...etc)

  • Google Meet

    • We created and shared the “High School At-Home Learning Calendar” so we can coordinate “Google Meet” with students. Please use the calendar to schedule your meetings with students (remember to record any Google Meet sessions)

  • Office Hours

    • Consider creating “office hours” for your students. If the closure is extended this may evolve into a requirement but for now it is optional.

  • Connecting with Parents

    • Parents can be our greatest partnership. Keep them informed so they can help us help their child.

To see all responses connect to this link: STUDENT SURVEY At-Home Learning for Staff

  • If you have any specific questions about student responses, please let me know.

Briefly describe what has gone well.

  • In math class we get a text on what we have to do everyday and we just upload what ever we did on the text app. Really easy to understand what we are needed to do. Wish all classes did it.

  • I really like how Mr. Kimberly basically takes videos of himself teaching the material. It is just like being in the classroom.

  • Communication has been very good with teachers

  • The teachers have been so helpful throughout the whole process and very organized. Instructions are very clear and it’s there is an adequate amount of work to do each day without overloading us. Teachers have been available whenever I need a question answered.

  • Email students when there is any assignment and the due date on the assignment. In Classroom as well.

Briefly describe what has been a challenge.

  • Understanding what I have to do in my classes, I wish every teacher would send out a text on remind me app saying what we have to do! Emailing what we have to do is so much more confusing

  • It can be difficult to fully grasp some concepts without human interaction.

  • Sometimes it has been difficult to decipher the instructions left by some teachers.

  • Getting teachers to respond to emails

  • I want to work ahead but there’s not enough work.

  • All the blocked websites and the school filter can be a pain

  • Not being given immediate feedback

  • The online assignments are overwhelming in certain classes and some of the information necessary to complete said assignments is difficult if not impossible to access.

  • I have had a challenge with flipgrid. My WiFi hasn't been working the best. I also don't like how some teachers don't post all of the assignments right away, since I'm trying to get ahead on classes.

What can we do to improve our process?

  • Have a email or something just saying what we have to do and it linked on the email

  • Maybe try shrinking the amount of different websites we use.

  • I think that can be fixed by creating a messaging center for an entire class instead of directly emailing teachers. Also, create more deadlines for accountability, and so the students know what they need to finish.

  • I think if teachers can video record things as they teach it and make it accessible on their websites or classroom this would help greatly. It would let us kids still listen to our teacher and let us go back in the recording if we didn't understand something.

  • Teachers should make due dates for specific assignments more clear. It is hard to figure out if it is due at the end of that day or at the end of the week. This is a problem I have with most of my classes.

  • Honestly if I were you guys I’d have the teachers post an outline and all the work required for the remainder of the year. I know there’s a set date for us to come back, but I’d rather come back and be way ahead of the curve than come back and have to readjust to regular school. At this point, especially for seniors, the option to complete our ciriculum early is ideal, and I think my classmates would agree. I know and appreciate that the administration is doing everything they can with the present circumstance, so thank you for everything you do!

  • A guide sent out at the end of the week covering everything you should have learned that week so you know you're not missing anything

  • Maybe have teachers check school emails at 5pm? Not all of us finish everything by 3:30.

  • Just find a way to make math assessments online.

  • Email students when there is any assignment and the due date on the assignment. In Classroom as well.

  • Maybe have more brief teacher check ins?

  • Have more videos of teachers teaching the lessons

  • Just keep updating us as much as you can!

  • Put out lists of everything that needs to be done in detail so we know exactly what to do and stay open for questions

Other Comments

  • I'm not going to lie. I really, really miss school. It may be strange for a student to say that, but I really do love school. I really, really miss all of my teachers, my classes, and my classmates. The thoughts of possibly of not returning has made a large negative impact on my mood. And I know it has for many other seniors as well. At this point, I don't care if we have to go back during the summer, I just don't want this past Tuesday to have been the end. I want to go back.

  • Stay safe and don’t hoard the toilet paper.

  • We should do this more often.

  • I’m having a FANTASTIC time.

  • I wanna say thank you to all the staff and teachers that have put this program together in such short notice.

  • The lunch ladies did an awesome job at making all the food for those who need it!!!

  • Thank you for all you have done!!!

  • I hope that school comes back in session because I miss the social aspect of school. It gets boring being by myself. It's something I need to work on. Thanks for always being there for all of the students!

How to make YouTube videos available to your students

Good Morning,

Here is a short video that I just made outlining the process that staff will need to take to ensure that students will be able to view the YouTube videos that they are assigning. I also created this step-by-step document to help as well.






  • Budgets close on April 3, 2020.

  • Items ordered must be utilized this school year.

  • All PO’s should be submitted and approved prior to this date.


  • “Start-up” purchases - those purchases needed to start the next school year.

  • The budget opens April 10th and closes at midnight on April 19th.

  • Plan on having the same budget amount as last year. Once the budget is finalized Kurt will send a snapshot to each member of the department.

Shared by Pat Basche

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COVID-19 Planning Information

Click this link for a detailed look at the plan for the coming weeks.



Thanks, Dani for creating the doc.


Please refer to these guidelines prior to your absence. p.s. we'll miss you!


Check out the PBIS Incentives. You will be asked to cover this information with your HR students.

2019 Q12 Results

Here is the presentation of our Q12 results. In the coming weeks, we will be meeting in small groups to look for the root causes.