Welcome To Arizona

Anife Klobocishta

Ways To Fit In

  1. Dont dress up to flashy or outstanding
  2. Dont make a fool of yourself
  3. Dont be over dramatic
  4. Make friends (lots of them) and dont let anyone tell you what to do
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Clothes To Wear

  1. Wear something appropriate for the occasion, (not like how Stargirl would wear a costume to school)
  2. Wear what you like!
  3. Wear something that makes you feel good!
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Things that you shouldn't wear and do

  • Don't wear anything to lazy
  • Don't wear or do anything that will draw attention to you, When Stargirl cheered for the other team
  • Don't try to not be noticed, like how Leo and Kevin didn't want to be noticed by anyone
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How To Make Friends

  1. Introduce your self
  2. Don't change for someone, Stargirl didn't change for Hillary, (but she did for Leo ;o)
  3. Get to know your friends
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Tips On Surviving High School

  • Don't embarrasse yourself, like how stargirl would sing happy birthday to who's ever birthday it was.
  • Support your teams and friends
  • Don't let anyone bring you down
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One of the best high schools to go to

  • The best high school to go to is Mica High, it had a bunch of crazy cool students with purple hair and pet rats. Also they have a great school tv show called Hot Seat, where they talk about school gossip and about how some the Students act

Who to be friend's with

  • Be friend's with someone who is going to put you up not down
  • Be friend's with a person who is going to like you no matter what, (How Leo like Stargirl)
  • Dont be friend's with a person who is going to try to steal your spot-light (Hillary)
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