Friday Focus

Friday, April 24, 2015 . . . vol. 2, no. 30

Friday Focus is a quick digest of news and notes for members of the Indianapolis Public Library Shared System.
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Summer Reading on OverDrive Works!

Seven of the ten Shared System schools serving high school students saw the number of unique users go up two to ten individuals last August compared to June and July use. All ten schools had more titles checked out that month, too. One school had an increase of 10 users and 93 titles in August.

Even though the number of users per school is small, the amount of use is promising. Remember, the average cost of a book is $20. Your students read 1938 titles, about $38,760 worth of ebooks, in just three months last summer! Please get those summer reading lists in as soon as you can and save your school and your school families some big money!

Quick Program Notes: Rich Program Opportunities for ALL Ages (Students, Families, Staff)

I just sent out flyers to appropriate schools (I hope) about the next Conversations About Education 2015: New City, New School, New Language, about Sarah Dessen coming to Glendale (Saturday, May 9, 2015 2:30 pm), and about the Summer Movie Line-up of family movies. I didn't get a flyer to send you, but FYI, José-Luis Orozco will be at the Library! - Saturday, May 2nd at Central to do an Early Childhood Educator Workshop in the morning and a concert for children and families in the afternoon. Check all these out at!

Requests/Pick Up Dates/Final Due Dates Finalized

Read the link above before you do to make sure you understand the Big Picture!

These dates are now set in stone. Your final due date may still be changed if need be.

On Friday, May 29th, IndyPL will remove all Shared System members from the list of pick up locations except for HCL, HCL2 and CHA.

On Friday, May 29th, IndyPL will suspend all open requests that are to be picked up at a Shared System location. The requests will be reactivated on Friday, July 31st. The only exception will be requests that are to be picked up at HCL, HCL2 or CHA.

On Friday, May 29th, IndyPL will suspend requestability for all items owned by Shared System locations. Requestability will be restored on July 31st.. Again, the only exception will be items owned by HCL, HCL2 or CHA.

On Friday, July 31st, IndyPL will put all Shared System members back on the list of pickup locations.

Last Pull List Suggestions

You should stop pulling your pull list 4 weeks before your last day of school. If you want to make sure you get the title back before you leave for the summer, then for the next week or so, put an item level hold on any title you pull for the pull list. (If you don’t mind if they sit here in the LSC till school starts, then you don’t have to worry about all this at all!) An item level hold applies to just that barcode #, so whoever has it can’t renew it – they have to return it to the library when it is due, which should be right before you close. You should use a room card to place the holds. So, step by step:

1. Scan the room card in the Checkout Window
2. Scan the barcodes of all items you just pulled for the pull list into a Word Document
3. Block and copy the first barcode in the Word Document
4. Go back to Horizon and press F2 to Search.
5. Scroll down almost to the bottom of the list of types of searches and choose Barcode Exact.
6. Paste in the barcode you copied in step 3.
7. The record for the item should come up, but you may have to click on Show Copies.
8. With the item highlighted (just click on it), go to the menu at the top and click on Request, Make Request.
9. In the dialog box that opens, click on This Copy Only (see red arrow above) and click Request.

I will create a report for all of you on 5/1 of all items you own out to borrowers at other locations so you can create item level holds on them and get them back before the end of the year. (Unless you trust us to keep them for you till fall - which is fine!)

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