SHS Spotlight

April 12, 2021

REMINDER: Half-day Tomorrow

As noted on our yearly calendar, we have a half-day tomorrow, Tuesday, April 13. Students will be dismissed at 11:45 am.

Raffle Tickets!

Time is running out! We are now in the home stretch of our major fundraiser, with only 4 weeks to go. Additional tickets are available in the office. People are generally very positive about this raffle since we limit our sales to only 1500 tickets and the prizes are excellent. Please start turning in your sold ticket stubs and money collected as soon as possible. Thank you for your hard work on this fundraising effort!

Announcing SHS Family Groups

A year after we first began planning our SHS Family Groups, we are finally able to implement them! Each teacher will lead a "family" comprised of students from each grade, five families in all. The groups will meet once monthly for fun activities and service projects, usually on a Friday afternoon. The first project planned is a clean-up of our school grounds, scheduled to take place on Friday, April 23rd. Following the service project, the family groups will spend some fun time on the playground and school grounds, and snacks will be served.

Family groups have been shown in other schools to promote a more positive atmosphere between the different grade levels. Older students look out for their younger "family" members, and younger students have more confidence and look to the older students for guidance in uncertain situations. Family groups also give students an opportunity to get to know the other teachers, which will help them transition from one classroom to the next as they progress in their academics.

Family groups will remain the same each year with the exception of departing 8th-graders and incoming new students, who will be integrated into the existing family groups. We are very excited about this way of fostering Christian love for one another and building up positive relationships among our students and faculty members.

Returnable Can Drive

The Home and School Association will be hosting a Can Drive in honor of Earth Day THIS Saturday, April 17th, at the school from 10am - 1pm. Volunteers and drivers are needed to help sort returnable cans as well as potentially do some pick ups around town on that day, and/or haul cans to the designated drop-off locations next week or on the 24th. Sign-ups are available on SchoolSpeak.

With the Spaghetti Dinner postponed for this year, this event would be a great way to help make up for the funds that we would normally have made at that event.

We hope everyone will get involved to help our school and our planet!

Refer-A-Family Tuition Credit Incentive

Our families are our best ambassadors! Please share with other parents why you love our school and choose to send your children here. Any family who refers another family will earn a $250 tuition credit for the first referred family if the enroll their children at Sacred Heart School for the 2021-2022 school year, and can earn an additional $100 per family (tuition credit) for subsequent referred families who enroll.

Why Did God Take On Our Humanity?