A Functioning

Non-Functioning Evironment

The primary goal of any principle in a school is to make the general face of the school look somewhat decent, while keeping the students and staff content with their place of work or studies. The students always feel great pride while entering their high school, no matter what degrading comments may be spray painted on the front entrance that are in regards to the school itself.

And as principle, the comfort of his students must be of high concern. If the school does not provide a healthy environment, the students will not thrive. They need their own space and time to develop their own techniques for succeeding in their classes. So to ensure this, the best option is to add yet another 500 to 700 students into the same building that is housing three separate classes of their own. This will give students a comforting feeling while walking their halls with a spacious two inches from themselves to their peers.

And as a sign of appreciation for all of their hard work, the seniors should be presented a gift that they most dearly value. Instead of creating a detrimental opportunity for an early release after four years of hard work and success in their classes, they are presented with a gift that keeps on giving. They are given a lovely opportunity to further their education with the seven required periods that they must have filled with classes to enrich them with even more knowledge.

The job of a principle is not the easiest, but by creating a crowded environment with even more time spend sitting at a desk that has a new vocabulary word that you haven't seen before written on it, there is no doubt that you will create your own School of Champions.