Moebius Syndrome

Moebius Syndrome is a rare congenital development disorder.

What Causes this Syndrome ?

There isn't really a cause for Moebuis Syndrome it occurs randomly for unknown reasons. Researchers believe there is a cause but have not yet able to identify it. This syndrome happens

How does the child acquire that syndrome ?

Children with this syndrome often experience delayed development of motor skills (such as crawling and walking) although most eventually acquire these skills. Children with Moebius Syndrome may also have delayed speech because of paralysis of muscles that move the lips. Most children suffer from low muscle tone, especially in the upper part of the body, leading to a delayed of walking.

How can Moebius Syndrome be prevented ?

No unfortunately it is unlikely there is anything anyone could have done differently to prevent this syndrome.

Symptoms & Effects of the condition include ....

- Teeth Problems

- Limited movement from the tongue

- Hearing problems caused by fluid in the ears

- Delayed in crawling and/or walking due to the low muscle tone

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How could this Syndrome be detected ?

Moebius Syndrome can be detected at birth by a "mask-like" the lack of expression during crying or laughing. Sometimes this Syndrome can not be noticed in the first couple of weeks or even months until the child is able to make communicate by trying to smile or even make a facial expression.
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How can it Moebius Syndrome be treated ?

This condition can be treated but can not make the Syndrome go away. This condition is treated with this procedure called "smile surgery" or " the smile operation". This procedure does cure Moebius Syndrome because it can not restore any of the other facial expressions.