Lena Poole

Professional Portfolio

About Me

I am a 23 year old Education student studying at Notre Dame University. I am specialising in the early childhood years (0-8 years). My personal interests include yoga, meditation, playing netball, enjoying the company of my family and friends and the company of nature. I particularly enjoy going to the beach and all that the beautiful sea has to offer.

My Career Goals

· It is my over arching goal to complete units associated with working and assisting with children with special needs in order for me to work intensively with children with learning difficulties, developmental delays , autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome or children with other difficulties that may put them at educational risk.

· From having lived in small rural towns with a high prevalence of Aboriginal communities such as Mount Magnet and Kambalda for my early and middle childhood years, I would love to give back to the Indigenous people and community from whom I have been inspired and enlightened with such rich culture, traditions and powerful spirituality. I endeavour to do this through rural placements and hopefully rural full time employment, working closely with Aboriginal children to help ‘close the gap’, providing equal educational opportunities, quality education and addressing the underlying issues by providing all Australian children with the tools, skills and confidence to create and accomplish goals throughout their life.

· I would love to work abroad and teach in third world countries where there is huge pressure on educators because of funding a few teachers. I have always dreamt of Africa. In June 2013 I will be travelling to Kenya to volunteer in the Kenya- Maasai teaching program through affiliation with an international volunteering organising. Education in Kenya has been announced free by the government for all children which is a huge milestone in Kenyan history, but unfortunately made difficult with a lack of numbers in qualified teachers and resources.

· I am also open to working in cities, rural communities and regional Australia and create positive learning environments for the children in my class.

· It is my goal to assist children in building a positive attitude towards school and their personalized learning in order to:

· create wonder about the ever changing world they live in,

· promote the creation of positive relationships through social interaction and

· Create an element of fun in my early childhood classrooms.