CoD FaZe Clan Tryout Tournament

For only the best!!! I will be recording!!!!!

Hurry up!!!

soon we are having a tournament on Black Ops 2 Search & Destroy. THIS IS FOR A FaZe CLAN TRYOUT SO MAKE SURE YOU ARE HERE FOR THAT PURPOSE ONLY. the signup is on xbox 360. MORE INFO IS BELOW. Add me on xbox my gamertag is FaZe Tro11er

Black Ops 2 tournament

Sunday, April 20th, 5:30-7:30pm

This is an online event.

this is an online event on the Xbox 360. The signup rules are you must have the guns you are using gold or diamond and you must have a K/D above 0.80. You also must have the Nuketown 2025 map pack and no assault rifles, submachine guns, or secondaries... the only rule for secondaries is if you are using them with a trickshot

This is some stuff about me B)

well... i am a FaZe member my FaZe title is Recruter and I was in the MLG FaZe vs Optic clan battle. I live in Atlantic, Iowa. 13 years old, pretty young for a FaZe member, they made an exeption for me though, just cause i'm a boss. My favorite music is timeflies and e-dubble i LOVE Vanoss. And check out my youtube channel iosminecraft