Positive Psychology & Innovation

DSIL VC Session 10 | THURSDAY | 22 October @ 1pm Bangkok

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Featured Speaker: Rens ter Weijde, Founder, Purpose +

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Session Overview

In this session Rens ter Weijde, founder of Purpose +, will share the latest scientific insights on well-being. The session will cover:

- The nature of happiness: what is it and can we quantify it?

- The relevance of well-being for organisations

- The amount of influence we have on our happiness levels

- How to generate the most impact, both on self as on close others around us

Read + Do


Complete this online survey - this will make the session more meaningful and personal!

101 - Introduction

201- Intermediate


    1. Map your day*: Observe and empathize with yourself.
      Every 2 hours or when you change places/what you are doing, rate your energy and happiness levels using the template (below). If you’d like, you can also add more categories to track. Feel free to draw or make your own version of the template as well.
    2. Reflect on your data: What did you observe about yourself, and did anything surprise you?

    *If you prefer to use your phone to map your day, try the In Flow app

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Nerd Out!

  • Try: The Morning Pages. When you first wake up, write 3 pages of your thoughts by hand. Do this for a minimum of 3 mornings. If you prefer typing, try using 750words.com

Your Next Steps!

Reflect and discuss with the DSIL Community. Check out the links below.

Speaker Profile

Rens ter Weijde, Founder, Purpose +

Rens ter Weijde is a sport- and performance psychologist. He specialises in the application of the latest psychological techniques to build the performance and well-being of his clients, which include many large organisations and some of the best athletes on the globe. Rens works through his company Purpose+, which brings the latest ‘science of happiness’ to organisational leaders in order to build a more meaningful business paradigm. Together with his team, he trained more than 3,500 people in Positive Psychology in their first year, and he’s involved in it’s global expansion. On a more personal note: he is climbing the 7 summits, loves wave surfing and kitesurfing. He also thoroughly loves hanging out with close friends, and loves reading physics books on a daily basis in order to understand more about life itself.

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