Lincoln Agenda

December 8 - 12, 2014

What's Happening....

Monday, 12/8

NWEA K-2 continues

midterm ends

8:05 SIP Meeting - Library

Tuesday, 12/9

No morning meeting, use the time to input grades if needed

Literacy PD - 3rd & 5th grade-8:30-11:30, 4th grade- 12:30-3:25

School Board Meeting at 6:00

Wednesday, 12/10

8:05 PD

Deficiency Reports are Printed

Assessment Design Team at Admin All Day

3:30 PTO Meeting

Thursday, 12/11

8:05 RTI Primary (2 weeks of primary in a row due to a greater number of primary students)

Deficiency Reports Go Home

Literacy PD - Kindergarten - 8:25-11:30, 1st & 2nd Grade - 12:30-3:25

Holiday Party at Lighthouse

Friday, 12/12

8:05 Grade Level Meeting

1st Grade Vision Testing

9:00-Melissa at Admin for First Responders Meeting & Crisis Go App Demo

2:00 Fire Drill

Please be on time to our morning meetings, unless there are unforeseen circumstances.

Link to RTI Meeting Schedule:

Link to PD Calendar:

TEACHERS-Be sure to write classroom events on the dry erase calendars in the office.

Acuity SS & Sci - 4th & 5th grade

Michelle is scheduling everyone on laptops since NWEA is going on at the same time. Changes may need to be made due to our lack of lab space. Thank you in advance for your flexibility. She is working the schedule around the Hour of Code since NWEA is also going on.

Gold Notes/Faxes/Notes

If you pick up a gold note or fax, please put it in Kim or Meryl's mailbox. Please do not put it on their desks.

To make it easy -if you have anything for any of us, please put it in our mailboxes, rather than on our desks. We handle too many papers throughout the day and don't want to miss anything. Anything urgent (detention notices, for example) for me can be clipped to my mailbox with the large blue clip.

Thank you!

Spell Check in the Real World

Chris Culliver is an NFL player. Below is a photo from the internet, where 2nd graders used actual tweets from NFL players and corrected their errors.

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