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Awesome First Week of School

Greetings Kinder Parents,

Kindergarteners had an awesome first week!

They have transitioned smoothly into the classroom and got accustomed to the class daily routine.

What We've Learned This week

Language Arts

1. Letter S

  • Phonics: We focused on sounding the letter S through repetition and showing pictures of words that begin with the letter S. The students also completed further letter S exercises on their Phonics book.

2. Detecting words with initial “s”

  • Listening: The students listened to and detected words that begin with the letter S in Alphatales: Seal’s Silly Sandwich

3. Sight Words

  • They tried identifying sight words.

4. Dictionary Words

  • They cut and pasted pictures of words beginning with “S” on their Dictionary notebook.
  • They were introduced to ordering words alphabetically.


1. Numbers 1-10

  • They practiced writing 1-10 and practiced identifying numbers 1-20.

2. Calendar

  • We reviewed ordering days of the week, months of the year, and stating the date.

Social Studies

1. Classroom Rules

  • The students listed classroom rules that should be followed in class, the hallway, and during playtime.

2. Pledge of Allegiance

  • We practiced how to stand during the pledge of allegiance and how to say the first part of the pledge of allegiance.

3. Major Holidays



  • They explained weather words (sunny, rainy, windy,..etc) as well as temperature words ( hot, cold, cool, warm,..etc)



Handwriting & Fine motor skills

  • They practiced writing their first and last name in appropriate cases.

  • Practiced tracing horizontal, vertical, and slanted lines on their their “Zaner Bloser: Handwriting” book.
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Questions to Ask Your Child

Language Arts

· How does the letter S sound like?

· Name some of the words begin with the letter s.


· What day is it?

· What month is it?

· When is your birthday?

Social Studies

· Recite the pledge of allegiance.

· Name some major holidays we have during the year.


· How is the weather like today?


  • September 7th is Labor Day/ School is closed
  • School supplies: If you didn't bring headphones and/or a USB flash drive, please do so by Tuesday.