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Wells Elementary

March 21-25


I hope everyone had a wonderful week off! Too bad about the weather here in Texas but I'm sure everyone found a way to have some fun.

This week, some grade levels started new projects and others continued with what they had started before the break. I did not send home a newsletter for the week of March 14-18 so check the grade level lessons below to see what your child is working on that week and next week.

Specials schedule

7:50-8:40 Planning (This is the best time to contact me.)
8:45-9:35 First Grade

9:40-10:30 Second Grade

10:35-11:25 Third Grade

11:30-12:20 Fifth Grade

12:20-12:50 My Lunch

12:50-1:40 Fourth Grade

1:45-2:35 Kindergarten

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All of the groups started a lesson on Mobiles. They learned about the art of Alexander Calder. Each student started by cutting out 7-8 shapes out of posterboard.

Then they looked at the art of Henri Matisse and looked for the many different kinds of shapes he used. We discussed the difference between geometric and organic shapes.

The next step will be putting all the shapes together and trying to make them balance. They will decorate the large shapes with smaller geometric and organic shapes cut out of paper.

Here is a video of one of Calders Mobiles.

First Grade

All of the groups looked at the art of Vincent Van Gogh, focusing on his sunflower painting series. Students practicing drawing sunflowers in their sketchbooks then drew them large on black paper with chalk. We learned about using a cylinder form as a basis for making a container look more 3-d. The next step is coloring the entire paper with oil pastels before washing off the chalk.

Second Grade

Group A finished their amate paintings.

All of the other groups started a papermaking activity. They learned how to make a piece of handmade embossed paper out of recycled scrap paper.

The next step is decorating their embossed paper and gluing it to a frame.

Here is a youtube video of making handmade paper on a commercial scale.

Third Grade

Group A added their cardboard embellishments to their paper mache masks. All of the groups are painting and will finish up with paint pens. Then it's on to the craft items!

Fourth Grade

All of the groups will work on the illustration project using Tall Tales, fairy tales, fables or nursery rhymes as their text of inspiration.

Fifth Grade

All of the groups will continue the weaving portion of their clay project.

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Poster Making Hints

A poster is usually viewed by people on the move; therefore, a poster should;

  • Be carefully planned with pencil on a smaller piece of paper
  • Convey a message or information
  • Contain one main idea
  • Not be cluttered
  • Avoid too many words
  • Use lightly drawn guidelines for lettering that are erased when the poster is completed
  • Either emphasize letters or emphasize illustration
  • Emphasize contracts (lights against darks, warm colors against cool colors, etc.)
  • Be eye-catching
  • Be easy to read
  • Be limited in colors
  • Use a variety of media as appropriate
  • If the poster is for a contest, make sure the words and illustrations fit the theme
  • Follow the rules of the contest or project carefully
  • Show no errors in spelling or punctuation
  • Be neat and presentable
  • Be original and creative (Do you own work)

Dallas Museum of Art

Nasher Sculpture Garden

Crow Collection of Asian Art