LRC Happenings: Grades 3-5

A place to wonder, dream, think, explore

Week of 9/28/15

Please have all students bring their library books this week

LRC Centers starting:

  • 4 groups for each LRC class (blue, yellow, red, green)
  • Every week there will be 2 groups who have library check out
  • The next week the other 2 groups

  • BLUE/YELLOW: Books Week 1 & 3 RED/GREEN: Books Week 2 & 4

  • To have ownership, students will add book check out days in their google calendar
  • Like last year, a google calendar will be emailed with dates

...the students are responsible for:

  • the book schedule,
  • for knowing their color group
  • the activities they are working on

This SHOULD not be extra work for you!
  • When in doubt, they can bring their library books to LRC class, they just may not be able to check out if it's not their turn.

LRC Centers & Curriculum:

  1. Rupley Connections: Social Media, Blogging, Digital Citizenship, Communication, etc.
  2. Books: Love of Reading, Author Studies, LRC advertising, Book reviews, etc.
  3. Creation Station: S.T.E.A.M, Genius Hour, Coding, Engineering, Building, etc.
  4. Research: Informational Literacy, Genius Hour, Wonders, Class integration, Biznesses, etc.

  • Sorry for delay...
  • Entire classes, please email us when you plan on coming--our computer check-out system is still crazy:(
  • Open daily 9:00-3:30 for more than 4 at a time
  • Students must be independent!
  • Check out based on interest, & 100% CHOICE w/ good fit using iPICK method

iPICK rap link

SUPPLIES: Looking for Pencils PLEASE...

Books read last week


  • Teacher use: GR articles, integration studies, writing/reading workshop
  • Student use: high interest, incorporation of fiction/non-fiction