Devastating Volcanic Eruption

By:Connor Sprouse Reporter

There was a devastating volcanic eruption in Hawaii on the morning of July 17,2012.The drastic earthquake caused the volcano to shift and erupt.

Hundreds died in this gruesome act as magma burnt up the village.Many people were killed as some were saved but this eruption made many more problems as part of Hawaii was burnt.Now there are little visitors and many people are trying to rebuild their houses as others are building Hawaii back.

It was horrifying as soon as others heard.They fled out of their houses as magma was bursting out of the volcano. Helicopters managed to save a few of the people in Hawaii as the rest weren't so lucky.

Many parts of Hawaii are trying to build back what they lost in this tragedy.There is lava everywhere on the streets of Volcano Village. The Red Cross is doing everything they can to help the victims of the eruption and the family members in search for their lost or sadly killed in their homes

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