No child deserves to be ignored

Can you spare some of your money to save a child's life?

"Close to five children die everyday as a result of child abuse." Childhelp's mission is to stop and prevent child abuse by providing intervention programs, prevention programs, and treatment programs.

Where does your money go?

"Over 90 cents of every dollar donated, goes toward their various programs. According to Charity navigator "Ninety point four percent of all of the money goes to the programs that they have. Five point six percent goes to fundraising and four percent goes to the Administrative." Charity Navigator gave Childhelp a 96 for their Accountability and Transparency score.

Over 90 cents of every dollar goes into these programs

Michael's Story

"Prior to my arrival at Childhelp in 1996, I was taken out of my mother’s home and placed with an aunt who was just as bad. My mother was a severe drug user addicted to methamphetamine; her addiction affected her parenting skills. We children were exposed to environments we never should have been exposed to at such a young age. Mom never abused us, we just weren't treated like we were supposed to be. It was late one evening, and usually my aunt would take care of us. My Aunt wanted to get out and have a little fun one evening. So my mom was to take care, all my cousins were there and I although I was lying right next to mom she was upset because nobody was minding her. So in her anger she hit me several times with a belt. I was being washed one evening by my aunt when she discovered the welts on my back she was furious! She asked mom “What happened?” She said “I messed up!!” It was later revealed by somebody and eventually reported to C.P.S. and I was later removed from home. When I was placed at Chilhelp, I felt love the minute I walked into the Intake office and chose my “stuffie” I wanted to keep. I remember it was a little rabbit that I tugged around by the arm." Later on in his story he went on to say that going to Childhelp was "Such an amazing part of my little journey in life."

If you know of a child that is being abused call this hotline.


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