The Golden Gate Bridge

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A Bit about the Bridge

"With it's towers, sweeping cables, and majestic span across the mouth of the San Francisco Bay, the Golden Gate Bridge is certainly one of the worlds most beautiful bridges." ( The Golden Gate Bridge symbolizes the city of San Francisco. It represents the city because when people hear "San Francisco", they think "Golden Gate Bridge." People use the bridge everyday and they are thankful they don't have to take a ferry, like they would've had to before the bridge was built.

Record Breaking

When the Golden Gate Bridge was built, it was record breaking, now the bridge represents the city of San Franciso. The bridge is located in San Francisco, Marin County. It's location is perfect for the bridge, it has such beautiful views. At the time the bridge was built, it was the worlds longest suspension bridge. It was built because the architects wanted to make a record-breaking worlds longest suspension bridge in 1937. It was also built because the only way to get to the other side of the bay was by ferry, and the waters were very troubled, so the bridge would've been an advantage. The bridge, at the time, it was built broke records, now it represents the city.

Golden Gate Bridge Construction

The construction of the bridge was at first rejected, but then it was very succesful. Construction was started in 1933 and was completed in 1937. Joseph Struass, Irving Morrow and his wife were the architects. The Golden Gate Bridge's towers were at first universally rejected. They said the bridge looked like an upside down rat trap. A difficulty they had when sinking the bridge's huge towers was that the towers were thoought to be impossible to sink. The bridge's international orange color wasn't actually suppose to be the color of the bridge. In fact, the US Navy wanted thew bridge to be painted black and yellow stripes, this is because they wanted to warn nearby ships that the bridge was there. The Golden Gate Bridge's construction was successful, even though it was rejected in the beginning.

World Famous

The Golden Gate Bridge is widely respected to this day by the millions who cross it everyday. The bridge is very important to the everyday lives of the people of San Fransico. You now can think of things this way, even if you get rejected, like the original towers of the bridge, keep trying, you may create a world famous monument or landmark. The Golden Gate Bridge is now world famous, even though it was at first rejected. Many didn't bother to wonder why it was even being built, but now they know how important the Golden Gate Bridge is to San Francisco.
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