Preparing for FDK!

Kim's Transition Plan for FDK

What is a a Transition Meeting?

A transition meeting is a plan for your child starting school. They provide a valuable opportunity to:

- meet with key people involved in the transition process

- discuss your child's support needs

- clarify what needs to happen to make starting school as successful as possible

How Should I Prepare for the Meeting?

  • information about your child's personality and strengths
  • your vision for your child
  • what is important to you in relation to your child starting school

What Will Be Discussed?

Typically, there are 5 areas of discussion during a Transition Meeting. These include:

1. Curriculum (Key Learning Areas) - how the curriculum and teaching methods may need to be individualized and modified for your child in order to achieve the education outcomes

2. Communication - including your child’s ability to communicate through expressive and receptive communication
3. Participation - social competence and safety
4. Personal Care - hygiene, eating and dietary and health care procedures which are needed
5. Movement - mobility, positioning and fine motor skills which may impact on your child’s participation in learning activities

Kim's Transition Meeting

Friday, Dec. 4th, 4:15pm

Central Elementary School

Please bring any support persons that you may wish. This can include:

  • a support person to take notes, and be an “extra set of ears”
  • an early child interventionist professionals who have worked with your child and family
  • your child’s early childhood education (ECE) teacher