By: Jerry Spinelli


The book Stargirl starts with a boy named Leo Borlock who moved to Mica, Arizona. He starts going to school at Mica High School where he becomes friends with Kevin who he had a tv show called Hot Seat that they ran together. On Hot Seat, they interviewed random people who they thought might be interesting. One day a new girl shows up at their school who claimed her name was Stargirl. At first everyone thought that she was weird or a fake to make the school more peppy. She would play her ukulele and sing happy birthday to people on their birthdays even though nobody ever told her their birthday. Slowly some people decided to sit with her at lunch and she became a cheerleader. But she didn't just cheer for their school, she cheered for everybody. She became really popular and everyone loved her because their not so good basketball team started to win all of their games. Everybody thought she was interesting so Leo and Kevin decided to put her on Hot Seat but it didn't go well so they never aired that episod. After not very long, people started to tell her that she couldn't cheer for the other teams but she didn't understand why. Finally their team got to the championships but they lost. Everyone blames the loss on Stargirl and they decided to stop talking to her. The whole time Stargirl had been very interesting to Leo and they would sometimes talk to each other. They became good friends and when people started to shun Stargirl, they shunned Leo too and called him Starboy. At first Leo didn't care but after a little while it really got to him and he convinced Stargirl to change herself to be like "them". She did change and everyone lover her again but instead of being Stargirl, she was Susan (which was her real name). After a while of being popular Susan, Stargirl decided that it was better to just be herself and she left and nobody ever saw her again after that.


The main conflict of the novel was Stargirl not knowing who to be. Should she be herself and not have many friends but live how she likes? Or should she be who everyone wants her to be and be really popular?

The other big conflict in the novel is Leo not knowing if he wants to choose friendship with Stargirl and people ignoring him or everyone talking to him and no Stargirl.

Some of the other characters are:


Exposition: Stargirl comes to Mica High School and starts school with everyone else. At first, they think she is really weird because she is so much different from them. She is so far from being like everyone else that they soon start to think that she might be fake and just there to make their school more peppy.

Rising Action: Everybody starts to get to know Stargirl and loves her because she is so friendly and cheerful. When she becomes a cheerleader, she cheers for both teams and then everyone quickly begins to hate her.

Climax: Everyone ignores Stargirl and Leo and acts like they aren't there. They did this because they were mad that they lost the state championships and they decided to blame it on Stargirl for cheering for both teams.

Falling Action: Leo convinces Stargirl try to change to be like everyone else so they stop ignoring them. Stargirl goes back to being called Susan, which is her real name, and then everyone loved her again because she seemed to be what they considered normal.

Resolution: Stargirl realizes that she'd rather be herself and just be friends with a few people who actually care about her like Dori and Leo. Suddenly, one day she didn't show up at school and nobody from Mica ever saw her after that.

Made by Ella Deno