Wallace Weekly

May 16th - May 20th

Weekly Recap...

Whew! What a LLLLLOOOOONNNNNGGGGG week it has been! Between the many field trips, EOY testing, and STAAR testing, mixed with storms and allergies, it seems like this week has lasted an eternity! I know I speak for everyone in saying I am happy to have this week behind me.

Thank you for your support of our 3rd-6th graders as they took the STAAR tests. You helped create a perfect testing environment for the students to be able to “show what they know.” Now it’s 3rd-6th grade students’ turn to return the favor in creating a favorable testing environment for the K-2nd grade students as they take the EOY Reading and Math test.

Everyone has a million things to do but don’t forget to take time to do the things that count---offer a helping hand, listen to a student who seems sad or angry, smile and say hello. Those are the things that really matter.

Finally, it is important you check your email daily. We will try to communicate as much as possible via email so you don’t have another meeting to attend. However, this will only work if you read and respond to your email.

Have a relaxing, well-deserved weekend!!


Spotlight On...

  • Third grade was busy traveling the world during their recent STAAR reading review. Students received stamps on their passports for visiting Malaysia Main Idea, Inferencing in Iceland, Author’s Purpose in Australia, Drawing Conclusions in Denmark, Sumatra Summarizing, Character analysis in Canada. What an engaging way for students to review through stations for Reading STAAR.

    Way to go Third Grade!

  • First grade went ALL OUT on their "Under the Sea" review for the end of year assessments. Thank you all for working so hard to making learning so fun and engaging for the students!

Duty Reminders

Week of May 16th - May 20th

Cafeteria- Balmer, Dunham, Pinedo

Gym- DeCosta, Drewry

AM Circle Drive- Auld

5th & 6th Grade Hall- Nick & McCoy

Safety Patrol Morning Duty- Mr. U

On the Horizon

Monday, May 16th
  • TEKS Checks Math & Reading K-2nd grade

Tuesday, May 17th

  • TEKS Checks Math & Reading K-2nd grade

Wednesday, May 18th

  • TEKS Checks Math & Reading K-2nd grade

Thursday, May 19th

  • TEKS Checks Math & Reading K-2nd grade
  • Buddy Fun Day
  • PTA Meeting at 6:30 PM

Friday, May 20th

  • TEKS Checks Math & Reading K-2nd grade
  • Talent Show
  • Volunteer Luncheon

Happy Birthday to...

May Birthdays
  • April Byrd 5/2
  • Stephanie Hunnicutt 5/21
  • Cecilia Smith 5/29
  • Camille Stafford 5/31