Amelia Earhart

A Flying Sensation

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Amelia's Not so Perfect Childhood

Amelia was a child that wasn't the best listener in the world. Amelia's family was a wealthy family with a big house. Amelia was none as the boy in the family because for her birthday she would ask for footballs and basketballs. Her dad was a good man and played with her but did not really know how to deal with so much doe. So after a while Amelia's father started drinking because he didn't have as much money as he had before. This was a turning point in their family because Amelia's mom wanted to go to get the children out of the house so they went to a fair. During the fair Amelia saw a rusty plane and thought that I don't want to ever go in that thing. She really really liked the rollercoaster so she built one by herself and broke her leg. After this Amelia's mom and dad got a divorce and she had to live with her grandparents. That is the wonderful (but not) story of Amelia Earhart's childhood.

Atlantic Debut

Amelia Earhart made two amazing trips across the Atlantic Ocean. Though I'm going to zoom in to the first trip she was a passenger on a plane called the friendship and was very useful i so many different areas during the flight. This is how she became a passenger. Amelia was working with children that needed special needs when she received the phone call. The person on the phone was George Palmer Putman wanting to know if Amelia was amazed by the idea of flying across the Atlantic. Amelia didn't even hesitate for a second she automatically said yes. She had to wait for a few months because of the bad weather. when Amelia got back to U.S.A. there were big crowds and reporters. That is how she started to get famous and confident.

The Girl Who Wants to Learn

Amelia was a girl that grew up in a war. During the war Amelia went to an air force camp where she was amazed by the details on the plane. After this Amelia was determine to know how to fly an airplane. So she moved to California where she asked her dad to sign her up for flying lessons. The only problem though is that no one believed at that time that girls can learn to fly. So Amelia's dad found a girl trainer that believed that girls can fly but it costed a lot of money and almost wiped her family out of money. Neta Snook fought Amelia Earhart how to fly. Amelia liked this because she and Nets had the same opinion as each other. Neta was a great flyer that always liked to challenge Amelia at great lengths. So one day Amelia was flying her plane and Neta told her to come to the ground and she did. Neta told her that she wanted Amelia to get a light plane which was outrageously difficult to do. Neta was very proud of Amelia and what she did to accomplish all the hard flying strategy's.

Is this the End

Amelia was very determined to do the around the world flight. She had reporters flying, geniuses, and navigators come and help her plan the flight. Amelia wanted to do the longest around the world flight ever recorded which was going around the equator. Amelia new that this was an extremely dangerous flight with lots of risks. Such as heat, heat can fry engines and melt the plane. Amelia made the most risky decision by choosing the last destination to be a small island right off of Hawaii. Many people get confused in this miner detail that Amelia crashed at hawaii and was never seen again but it is actually that Amelia tried again for a second time in a different direction and crashed in the Pacific ocean somewhere. Many people couldn't believe she was gone because they heard that her trip was going smoothly and suddenly she couldn't be found. This took shock in so many people because she was such an amazing person they just couldn't believe it.


Amelia was a brave and confident person with pride. She stunned so many life's such as mine with her fantastic story and opinion on things. She was a person that didn't give up for example, when her plane was on fire she kept on going because she was determined and passion it about what she was doing. She gave women rights not physically but mentally.She was a good role model for little kids because she was confident and every kid needs confidence to live a happy life. She should never be forgotten in what she did because of all the momentum that she had.Amelia is someone that will stay in are history for ever and will never be forgotten. That is why Amelia Earhart's story needed to be told.
Amelia Earhart - Mini Biography