Argentina Foods and More

By Malissa Pennington


The population of Argentina is 42 million as of 2013. The average monthly income of a person is 12,413 ARG pesos. The highest paying job is management gaining 23,670 ARG pesos. In Argentina, $1.00 in US dollars equals 8.87 in ARG pesos. Argentina experiences moderate climates seeing hot, humid summers and cool dry winters. Summer comes around the time of January and February with temperatures in the 90's to 100's. Argentina exports out things like car, soybean meal, corn,soybean oil, and delivery trucks. The 5 places it exports to are China, Brazil, United states Germany, and Mexico.

Cultural Information

Argentina had won the word cup 2 times. Most countries have mothers day but in Argentina they have Friends Day where people go out and celebrate their friendship with each other. Spanish is the official language of Argentina but like all countries there are many different other languages spoken. The national sport is Pato which is played on horseback. The name Pato comes from the Spanish word of " duck" which they would use as a ball instead of an actual ball.

Argentina Government

Argentina runs on the same government style as the US, where there is a President and Vice president voted into office for four years but can only be reelected once. Everything else is run exactly the same. Maybe the only difference is Argentina elected a Female president.

Argentina Attractions

The biggest water fall in Argentina is the Iguazu falls. it is surrounding by trees and trails and train through the jungle just to get tourist to see the falls.

Famous Historical event

The dance that is considered inspiring is the tango. It came from the capital Bunos Aries and spread all the way to Paris who fell in love with it and use the dance to lunch them into international fame.

Argentina food

Beef is the most popular food in Argentina. But Argentina has a sweet tooth and has Dulche de Leche to fill pancakes, toast, and used as a spread. Asado is a famous barbecue in Argentina. Provoleta is a new way of making grilled cheese because of chedder cheese theres provolone cheese