By Jessica Patel

Road to a Growth Mindset

What is Fixed and Growth Mindset?

Have ever wonder what type of mindset you have? Are you the type that tries to impress other people with your intelligence or are you the type that does not care what other people think about you and your intelligence. Mindset is the way people think. There are two types mindsets. They are polar opposites. But the only things that is the same is that they are both mindset. From, growth is one of the mindsets people have. The most important characteristics of a growth mindset is that people who have a growth mindset want to learn and venture through a challenge despite the difficulty and if it leads them to failure. They like and will to persevere through adversity. Fix mindset is another way people think. One of the main characteristics of a fixed mindset is that people who have it avoid challenges that lead to failure because they want to appear smart in front of others. They want to feel like they are accepted and on top of the world. They do not want to look weak and dumb. Growth mindsets learn from negative feedback whereas, when a fix mindset gets negative mindset they either ignore it or they take it as an insult. Another characteristics of a fixed mindset is that they will not put any extra effort or work than needed. On the other hand, a growth mindset will go above and beyond with the work and effort. Another characteristic of a fixed mindset if that they feel threatened by one’s triumph because they want to feel like they are better and more intelligent than everyone. That differs from people who exhibits a growth mindsets is that they are inspired by other’s triumphs. They want to be be where they are. Most of you think that you are a growth mindsets because you want to feel good about yourself. But that just makes you more of a fixed mindset, a person who want to appear smarter than other. So…………. what mindset are you and is that the one you desire or are you complacent with the type of mindset you have?


Have you ever failed a student? Well that student never failed again, right? All, if not most, teacher view this as an amazing thing. But it is not, it is the opposite. Since students are being graded on how well they do in school they are afraid to try new things. They are afraid to fail and they do not want to look like they are foolish. This lead to students developing a fixed mindset, which is a major problem. This is because they are afraid to do new things because they are very scared about failing. They will yield to venture a challenges. They will have a fixed mindset. Fixed mindset is where people do not want to try difficult challenges and they want to look intelligent in front of others. Students develop a fear of faltering because parents and teachers yell at the student to fail. Because of that students will never want to try difficult challenges. They are also influenced by other students’ grades. When a student fail a test or a challenge and another student aced the test, the impact is that the students feel discouraged and they will not try new challenges as much as they use to do. They will stop adhering to try new things and soon they will become idle with new and difficult challenges. A solution is that teachers and parent, instead of yelling at the child, tell them to try again. Another solution is to have the teacher say that it is okay to fail in life. But they should tell them that as kids because their brains are still developing and that will help them to remember that it is okay to fail.

Here is a way to make sure that your children and students won’t develop and fixed mind set. First of all when a student fail do not yell at them. Then, tell them that it is okay to fail. By telling them that they feel less discouraged and they would still want to try new challenges. Failing is way to learn from your mistakes. Failing a new task means you tried. Failing can be a harmful sign that you are not where you should be. But children can learn from that. Following, tell them to to do the problem again. They will learn from their mistakes and they will remember it even better and they will not get the problem wrong. But do not tell them the answer until they get it and do not help them a lot. Otherwise they will develop a tendency to go to other people for answer and that will lead to a fixed mindset because they want to look intelligent in front of others. Finally, once they get the problem praise them for persevering through the challenge and they will feel good about their triumph. By doing that they would want to do more difficult challenges because they like the feeling they get from finishing and getting the answer right from a difficult challenge, That is how children will not get a fixed mindset and keep on going with their growth mindset.

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