Sun, Mars and its moons

And what events are caused by their positions!

Rotation on Mars ( Day and Night) And phases of Mars moons

The rotation period on Mars is a little longer than 24 hours. Earths rotation period is a little more longer than 23 hours but not as long as Mars rotation period. Days on Mars would be longer than Earths because of the longer rotation period.

Mars moons both revolve at different speeds, Phobos, one of Mars moons, revolves faster than Deimos, another of Mars moons. Because Phobos revolves faster its phases happen more often. Deimos, being slower, has its phases less often. Their phases are not as perfectly round as our moon, because they do not have enough mass to maintain a rounder shape.

Mars compared to Earth

Mars and Earth are very different planets but similar in other ways. One way they are different is that Earth has very large bodies of water that cover most of its surface. Where Mars has some frozen water underneath it's polar ice caps. One way that they are similar is that they both have a tilt on their axis, which gives them seasons. The major difference regarding Mars and the positions of the Sun and it's moons. Is that Mars would have eclipses much more often than Earth because of the closer position to the plane of Mars that its moons revolve around. More eclipses on Mars would mean that the Sun and its moons would block each other more often than our Moon and the Sun do.

*picture from "beta planet info wars"
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