The Atomic Bomb

3 Days, 2 Bombs, 1 War

Have you ever thought about what happened when the Atomic Bombs were dropped on Japan? On August 6-9,1945, the U.S dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. The Japanese people suffered through the Atomic Bombs. 129,000 people died during the two bombs droppings. It was a tragic time for Japanese people. Men, women, and children were killed when the bombs were dropped.

When the Americans made the choice to drop the bombs, everyone knew it wasn't going to end well. The people of Japan were in for a very hard time. Two bombs were dropped. One was in Hiroshima. The other bomb was in Nagasaki. 80,000 people were killed in Hiroshima. 40,000 people were killed in Nagasaki. Tens of thousands of more people died due to radiation exposure from the bombs. Japan lost over 129,000 people in two cities. Hirohito, Japan's Emperor, announced that Japan was surrendering to the United States. On August 15, 1945, World War II was finally over for Japan.
Two Atomic Bombs were dropped into Japan on August 6-9, 1945. The bombs made the people in Nagasaki and Hirohito, Japan very depressed. They lost friends and family members. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed when the Atomic Bombs were dropped. Although many people were killed during the droppings of the two bombs, these people are still remembered by friends and family. Their lives were not the only ones changed.