New Teacher Tech Orientation

Getting to Know Your New Technology


  • Log in to the PC using your email username and pw. Don't will take a few minutes to load.
  • While your desktop is loading, review today's objectives and successful criteria. Place your stick in a box on the board that you feel best represents your abilities before this session.


  • become familiar technology procedures.
  • learn to access resources on the server from Teacher and Student Apps.
  • save to your home directory.
  • upload a document to OneDrive
  • access essential Media Center content.

Successful Participants will be able to:

  • complete work order requests.
  • access tech resources via tech coach webpage.
  • access documents via Teacher/Student Apps.
  • save a document to H drive.
  • upload a document to One Drive.
  • access Media Center content via Destiny and Tumble Books.

What's a Tech Coach?

As your Tech Coach, my job is to help you integrate technology into your classroom. I am available to:

  • co-teach lessons using technology programs (like Excel, Edulastic, etc).
  • co-teach lessons about technology skills (like digital citizenship, cyber-bullying, etc).
  • help your PLC team gather and examine data.
  • help your team find and use tech resources for various standards.
  • show you how to use new programs purchased by the school and/or RCS.
  • present technology resources or tools at parent night events.

While I'm the first line of contact if something isn't working, my primary duty is to be an instructional resource to our faculty, students, and parents.

Tech Coach Schedule

I'm at LLE every M, T, Th, and Fri. I also serve Smyrna West Alternative School and am there on alternating Wednesdays.

My "Stuff" Doesn't Work!

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If something is not working, please email the work order database for your school ( or and be sure to include:

  • a description of the issue
  • your room number
  • the RCS tag number for the equipment (all PCs will have one).

Our tech and I use this email address to enter work orders. Please do not email work order requests to us directly as those can get "lost" in our email.

Our fantastic tech (Carol Easterling) is here on Tuesdays and will visit your room and look at your issue.

Work Order Priorities--Where Do I Fit In?

Work Order Priority Per Central Office Directive:

  1. Office, cafeteria, and attendance
  2. Teacher computers
  3. Lab computers
  4. Projectors
  5. Printers
  6. Student computers

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New Server---New Procedures

We now have a "single sign-on" which makes it vital that you do NOT let students use any computer you are logged in on. You will be automatically logged in to your email when you log in to a PC.

You have full access to MS 365 (be on the look-out for future training!)

Students in grades 3-5 will soon have access to One Drive.

Network Student and Teacher usernames and passwords are all added by CO.

The Server

Teacher Apps

Student Apps

Your H Drive


We use the following programs school-wide:

--access One Drive
--upload a document

Media Center Programs

Wrap Up, Review, and Evaluate

Let's review our objectives! Can you:

  • log in to the PC?
  • access Teacher & Student Apps?
  • send a work order?
  • save and upload something to OneDrive?

Kahoot Time!

PD Evaluation

Ticket out the door: Move your stick to the box you feel best represents your abilities after today's session.

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Lisa Gingras-Massengale, Technology Coach

Please let me know how we can help you and your student succeed this year.