Trinidad and Tobago

information/vacation for

land and climate

  • Two island 7 miles off the cost of venezuela.
  • Trinidad is the large part (1,864).
  • Tobago is just 116 miles.
  • Together 1/2 the size of jamacia + smaller than the state of delaware.
  • The islands divided from venezuela though tectonic movement.
  • They are home to many plants and amimals that are native to south america.
  • The scarlet ibis is national bird.
  • Some hills and low mountains and covered mostly by plains.
  • Tobago is a volcanic island mainly and low mountains.
  • The mountain cerro del aripo in tobago rises 3,000 feet high.
  • The average temerature is 78%f.
  • The island experances a dry season (jan-jun).
  • The island experences a wet season(jun-dec).
  • During the wet season rain storms happen frequently but last short.
  • Tobago is cooler and drier than trinidad.

history and government

  • Cistopher columdus spotted trinidad in 1498 and claimed.
  • Spain offered land to bing people into the island but they didnt earn what they wanted.
  • Spain had control of Trinidad and Tobago Britain took control of Trinidad in 1797 and Tobago in
  • 1814.
  • In the 1800s the British combined the two into one.
  • May 2010 priminster kamla presad-besserssar.
  • The president is Goerge Maxwell Richards.
  • Kamla presad-bissessar is the priminster of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • You have to be 18 to vote.


  • One of the Caribbean's strongest economy's is Tindad's and Tobogo's
  • Oil drilling, manfactuing, and services are what the economy is anchored by.
  • Oil,natural gas,petrochenicals toghether are 80 percent of the islands exports.
  • Also contributing to the economy is agriculture and tourism

Day 1

  • We fly from Cedar Rapids to Chicogo then from Chicogo to Miami then from Miami to Piarco in Trinidad and Tobago.This all costs ($1,737)
  • When we land in Trinidad and Tobago we will go to our hotel Airport Suites Limited and go to sleep.(The hotel costs $562+ total)

Day 2

  • We will wake up and eat breakfast then go straight to Buccoo Reef for only $80.00 for the two of us for 2 and a half.
  • After that we will go to the pool and go swimming at the hotel
  • After swimming we will go shopping
  • Then we will go to supper

Day 3

  • We will go to to breakfast
  • We will then go to the Tobago's island explorer for $190 it is for 7 hours
  • We will then go and eat lunch
  • After lunch we will go shopping
  • We will go swimming after shopping
  • We will then go to supper (dinner)

Day 4

  • We will go to breakfast
  • We will then go swimming for a couple of hours
  • Then we will go to lunch
  • Then we will go to Trinidad highlights and scenic drive for 3 and a half hours for $80.
  • After that we will go shopping
  • And finally we will go to supper (dinner)

Day 5