Theatre Auditions

September 4th and 10

How to Audition

1) Fill out an audition application, posted outside room 731
2) Come to one audition day and bring the application with you! Application are posted outside room 731.

Who Can Audition?

Auditions are open to the whole school. Mrs. Petropoulos is looking for students who can attend most rehearsals and make the play a priority. You also must be passing ALL classes in order to participate in the play. Your eligibility will be checked regularly throughout the rehearsal and production process.

Some tips on auditioning:

1) Read the play that you are auditioning for
2) Be familiar with the characters
3) Choose a monologue that will display your range and abilities well
4) Use the space and give the director a sense of the character
5) Use lots of volume and expression

How the Auditions Work

Students will be asked to read from the script during the auditions. It helps to be familiar with the play and its characters. Students may come to Ms. Petropoulos's room, 731 to read the script before or after school.


Most rehearsals will be in the morning from 7:45 - 8:15. Two weeks before the show, we will switch to afternoon rehearsals. No scheduling conflicts will be permitted the week of the show, no exceptions.


Mrs. Petropoulos is looking for students who can attend most rehearsals and can commit to making the play a priority. If you are involved in many extracurricular activities and have a full schedule, you need to seriously consider whether or not you can take on another responsibility.


The cast list will be posted by midnight Friday on the theatre google site

First rehearsal

The first rehearsal will be Monday, September 10th. If you are cast, you will be expected to come to the first rehearsal on Monday morning and will need to fill out the necessary paperwork on the company resources page on the theatre site. If you are not able to come to the first rehearsal, you must email Mrs. Petropoulos at or I will assume you do not want to take the part.

Backstage Crew

If you do not make the cast, you may apply for the backstage crew by filling out the application form on the google site.