Johimer Out of War

Johimer's Story

Johimer was born in Monteria a small town where his dad owned a shop but he was a drunk and hit Johimer and his mother and then left Johimer and his mother. Soon after his mother sent him to his cousins to have a better education and life. His cousins sent him away to the Happiness Workshop At the age of twelve Johimer became secretary of the organisation which was an organization that helped children who were poor or had no home.

At the beginning when Johimer went to the workshop he was shy and didn't play with any of the child.

Throughout the year Johimer was helping children without homes and he raised money to help build shelters for the children. For about a year of Johimer being at the workshop he he got threats that said watch out for your health or we hate you. Johimer was worried about these so he went to counselors that suggested that he should leave but Johimer dissided to stay.

This is Johimer's Home Town

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Why Johimer wants to fight for a change

Some events that have caused Johimer to want to fight for a change are he has seen many terriable things that have happened to him his family and plus the people at the happiness workshop. Johimer has also seen what this civil war has done to his people and his country. An example of this is when in the story the little girl at the happiness workshop tells him how she watched armed men kill her father.These are the reasons why Johimer wants to fight for a change.

What Johimer has done to promote change

The things Johimer has done to promote changes were that just incase the Happiness Workshop runs down from money Johimer made money by selling hotdogs and thigs on the streets to help raise money and Johimer found out that he was able to buil shelters with the money he got to help children have shelters and over his years he helped children more. I think it's impressive to do that because even though he was like these children he kept going forward and never back and created his own new life helping children in thier needs.

What Johimer is hoping for in the future

In the future Johimer is hopping to accomplish all of his goals. A few of those goals that Johimer has are to be able to change the lifes of many children to have a better future, another one of his goals is that some day he'l be able to raise enough money to be able to creat shelters for children everywhere. If It were my goals I wouldn't have thought like Johimer beause I'd only pick goals that are for me not goals to help others and I think Johimer has a careing heart to care for other over himself.