Canada in 2060

To the near Future

In the past

We have had an event called the baby boom in the past. This is from a pause in the world was due to the second world war. I strongly believe that another baby boom is approaching. Either a world crisis or pandemic is on and unchangeable path. The crisis would put the world in another hiatus and cause the next baby boom.
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And now our parents and some of us will have to help accommodate their needs. They`ll need old people homes, diapers, medicine and other necessities. Even though our government give money to the old people, the money is taken from our taxes which is taken from our paycheck. So technically we are the ones paying for them.

In the present

Canada`s current birth rate is mainly the first nations people who live up in the northern parts of Canada. Because of the harsh living conditions set up by the government so long ago, it has plunged the young first nations people into darkness and they now resort to drugs and alcohol. If this continues, the future of our younger generation of the urban area will have to suffer their actions consequence. We`ll have to utilize more money to set up support groups and other forms of rehabilitation. Going back to our parents paying for old people, we`ll have less and less money as generations go because of ``necessities``.
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In the Future

In the year 2060 we most likely would already have a crisis and another baby boom. We should be prepare for another event like setting up more healthcare services, larger homes, more food, and other resources. In our current state, our resources are plummeting. We`re using too much of it that in the near future they`re going to be non-existent. If we start conserving those resources now to sustain future life.
Canada's population is estimated to be 48 000 000 people. I took the mean of the population of 2014 and 1955 and add the sum of 2014 and 1955 to the total to get 48 000 000. Asia will most likely dominate the Canada`s population in the future. Since Europe South America and Africa aren't having as much children, that leaves Asia which has the largest populated country, China. With estimated 1 400 000 000 people and expanding, I believe other Asia countries would try to match them.