bullying needs a end

by Mackenzie Zimmerman

you can stop bullying

if you are bullied remember we are there for you, tell a teacher or someone that can stop it. There are people that care.if you see somone getting bulied put a end to it but stop it with kindness.


Bullying - You Can Stop It

how to handle someone that is hurting inside because of a bully

make sure they know that you are here for them and make them understand they are perfect the way they are.
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things will be just fine if you be you and dont change because of someone
STOP BULLYING! a short Film

come see what i did to stop my bullie

why me

I was bullied for my huge ears, my height, and how I am so skinny. bullies bully because they most likely have been. I killed them with kindness. and now we are really good friends i found out they went through what i did, but i stopped it all. DO IT TOO.

how to stop a friend geting bulied

if you notice that a friend is down and you see people making fun of them make it stop.Also make your friend know you like them for them and they are perfect the way they are
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why did you

why did you did u because you have been bullied or your friends bully and you want your friend to think you are cool,what ever it is you are making someone hurt realy bad and you need to stop. You might ruin someones good day or make someone think they are the ugliest person on earth or they are uncool. You should say sorry and be friendly to them and make them one of you best friend and that will make them feel great!
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this is how you are making someone feel!!!!!! :(