Principal's Update

April 2021

Dear Students & Families,

Thank you so much for making our hybrid learning model work. Students have been doing an exceptional job following safety guidelines and have respected the need for limitations. It hasn't been perfect and there are certainly drawbacks. But I have been impressed with our students ability to go with the flow.

Spring Break is a major point in our school year. We are now on a sprint for the last two months before Summer Break starts. There is a lot going on and we are looking forward to all the upcoming events.

Andrew Schoonover


March E.E.E. Students of the Month

The following students are recognized for showing the following characteristics in the month for February.

  • Engaged - Students that take an active role in their education and are deeply engaged in the learning.
  • Empathetic - Students that show caring towards their classmates and school staff.
  • Endurance - Students that stick with difficult problems and show resilience when things don't go well.

Students of the month:

  • Arts = Jonah Charles -Jonah is incredibly hands-on in theatre, having gone above and beyond with the production of our musical. In our production class, he has created a professional looking advertising campaign, and he has reached out to families and businesses on his own accord, promoting advertising in our productions programs. Also, Jonah has volunteered to take the lead on taking headshot photos of our cast members, organizing different times for photoshoots. In the production class, he is always eager to offer new ideas, and collaborates with students in class and over Zoom with ease. His impact in theatre and in our upcoming musical is substantial!
  • Bonus = Olivia Stewart - Olivia demonstrates excellent engagement in all of her courses each day. She keeps her camera on during Zoom learning sessions, consistently asks and answers questions, and enthusiastically collaborates with all peers. Olivia is a caring and hard-working student who sets a stellar example for her school community.
  • Bonus = Kilee Tadema - Kilee has inspired my teaching throughout this school year. Her excellent questions and thorough demonstrations and explanations of her thinking have helped me and other students better understand the content of the course. Her enduring curiosity and persistent questions highlighted for me how I could improve upon my instruction as we all learned how to effectively learn and teach in remote learning. She consistently demonstrated patience and empathy for me as the teacher and for her fellow students as we adjusted to our new learning environment, while maintaining high standards of excellence and rigor for herself and others in mastering the content of the course. Kilee exemplifies the Engagement, Empathy, and Endurance we Hawks aspire to embody.
  • Bonus = Sofia Solari - Sofia's cheerful empathy and curiosity throughout the school year have inspired myself and her fellow students to develop greater mastery of our content and a more engaging experience in remote learning. Sofia regularly attended office hours to explore more deeply the content of the course and retake / revise assessments to demonstrate her mastery. Sofia helped other students investigate and practice our content standards in breakout rooms and regularly asked insightful questions that furthered not only her only learning but the learning of the other students in the course. Sofia is an excellent student, an enthusiastic team player, and a credit to our school!
  • CTE = Charlotte Lyon - Charlotte has been an incredible addition to our Engineering program. She has blown me away with her 3D modeling skills and goes above and beyond what is expected of her. Charlotte's creativity and attention to detail will pay off greatly. We've got a lot more to do this year and I can't wait to see what she does with it! Thank you Charlotte, for all of your hard work.
  • English = Mason Roberts - He consistently goes above and beyond to complete assignments and projects, doing far more than is required for an A. He has put extra effort into his writing to improve it, even after the assignment was completed and graded.
  • Health & PE = Kaleigh Finklein - Kaleigh strives for success. She always puts forth her best effort in class whether it is physical activity or written work. Her assignments are completed with excellence and genuine effort. I appreciate her ability to lead by example and bring positive energy to HHS.
  • HVA =Jada Shigeno - Jada has very high expectations for herself. She retook a test because she was disappointed she got 80% on it. This is typical of her... if she is not in the mid to high 90's she wants another try!! Love that!! Way to aim high Jada!! She is positive, motivated and gives her best effort every time. She takes pride in her work and is respectful and kind when she reaches out to communicate her needs. She is an excellent representative for Student of the Month.
  • Math = Valerie Gomez - Valerie has demonstrated Endurance, Empathy, and Engagement every day in my class. She consistently completes assignments on time, not just to get the answers, but to fully understand the content and demonstrate her mastery, empathizing with the teacher and the other students in explaining her reasoning carefully so they could also understand. She has been patient and kind to others, assisting students in group work and asking helpful questions to encourage better dialogue. Her endurance has been readily evident in redoing or supplementing assignments and assessments as necessary to maximize her learning and her scores. She is a truly exceptional student and an honorable and admirable person.
  • Science = Nicole Abdalah - Nicole has shown she can be a science student by completing and excelling at learning the difficult concepts that are required to apply conceptual Physics. She has become a helpful member of the classroom and is willing to both accept and loan help to other students
  • World Languages =Boston Strain - Since our return to in-person learning, Boston has helped to make class fun by sharing his thoughts and ideas while continuing to work as hard as he did during remote learning.

Join Project Lit Book Club

Encourage your student to join Project Lit, a book club that meets once a month to discuss books you might not otherwise read. Our next meeting is at 8 am on Friday, April 30th in room 188. We are talking about Beasts Made of Night by Tochi Onyebuchi. Donuts are a perk of participation. Hope to see student there. If you have any questions, I am available via email at

College Math Information

If you are a Running Start family or have plans to attend college after graduation, come learn more about college math placement. I know for many that doesn't sound exciting but colleges are telling us that frequently students enroll in the wrong math classes and/or fail to complete math courses required for their degree plans (including high school diplomas). Students are wasting a tremendous amount of tuition money and time because so many don't understand how to select and enroll properly in a math pathway at the college or community college level. These mistakes constitute one of the biggest reasons why students delay degree completion or fail to complete their degrees.

Here is the link to register

Big picture

Class of 2021 Graduation

Last month Governor Inslee moved all counties to Phase 3 and increased our capacity at events to 400 (as long as the venue is big enough to provide social distance requirements). Over the next two months, the guidelines may change again as they have for a few counties already. In the event we stay at this level, we will have an in person Graduation on June 11th. We have 161 members of the Class of 2021. The good news is they do not count towards the 400 maximum. Therefore, at this point we can allow each Graduating Senior 2 tickets. Obviously if our limit increases, every graduate would receive more tickets.

Keep an eye out for an email from Becky Hawkins with more information to be sent out soon.

We still have a lot of planning to do. But we are excited to be able to do something together.


We are hosting an SAT test during the school day on April 27 at 8:00 am. We still have slots available for SAT without the essay. Below is a link with a flyer for more information.

Cascadia Tech Summer School Program

Students who are interested in earning some credit over the summer should check out Cascadia Tech's summer school program. This program is a fantastic way to learn skills that apply to life or a potential job. See the flyer below for more information.

Earth Day Service Project

Several community groups (PWT, Hockinson Main Street Team and the Hockinson Citizens for Better Schools) have organized an Earth Day Campus Cleanup event this Sunday, April 18th. We are inviting all students and staff to participate in giving back to their school and help the environment too.

Here is the link for digital sign-up for volunteer shifts. Of note to the kids...Burgerville burgers and fries to those who sign up and show up.

Anti Discrimination Club

This year we have started an Anti-Discrimination Club.

Discrimination is acting with prejudice or antagonism towards someone due to a their specific race or ethnicity. Discrimination stems from the belief that a specific race has certain distinct qualities, which distinguishes one race as inferior or superior to the other. The purpose of our club is to bring awareness to the negativity and toxicity of discrimination and how it affects others. We also will learn about how to identify racism and encourage others in our community to stand up against discriminatory actions, including situations or remarks played off as “jokes.”

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” - Martin Luther King Jr.

If you’re interested in joining, please email

Club Supervisor -

Band Update

Hockinson Band celebrated and honored this year's senior class at the last home football game of the season. It is exciting to see these young men and women preparing for new adventures in their future development. In a year which continues to be altered by the pandemic, Gavin Hubler, Band Council president and class of 2021 had this to say... "The band is moving forward at an amazing pace. The amount of work and faith we students put into the band program stays strong."

The Hockinson Music Boosters are so very excited to host the annual Mother's Day Plant Sale again this year. We are partnering with a new wholesaler, who will offer a multitude of vegetable starts as well as hanging flower baskets. You can find information on the Hockinson Band facebook page and information has also been sent home with the students. Be sure to get your orders in by April 16th!

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