September Board & Community Report

East Omak Elementary

September Enrollment: 359

On September 17th, 2020:

3rd Grade: 127

4th Grade: 104

5th Grade: 128

Attendance Percentages for Monday - Wednesday of first week.

September 14th: 92.2% 28 students absent

September 15th: 95.8% 15 students absent

September 16th: 95.8% 15 students absent

Beginning of the Year Conferences

First Day of School for our East Eagle Teachers!

First Day of School for our East Eagle Students!

EOE Meal Delivery Super Stars!

These amazing ladies get up bright and early to deliver meals to our students around our district! We appreciate them so much! From left to right: Jennifer Sherwood, Amber Lobe, Jodee Ranes, Toni Wilson, Marilyn Oestriech. Not pictured are: Sheila Oxley, Tara Cruz, Pia Jumalon, and Ana Huizar.

EOE Food Service Extraordinaires

Raymond Mercado and Chris Scroggins are dishing up brown bag meals each and every school day! They are a great team and we are so grateful for them!

Accelerate Education Material Masters!

These ladies have been very busy purchasing, organizing, and bagging a multitude of materials for each grade level! Toni Wilson, Connie McCormack, Lisa Blue, and Amy Porter (not pictured) have been instrumental in getting our materials out to our students! Thank YOU!!