Info on Winds

Jesus Cintron

General Information on wind

Definition- Wind is the sideways movement of air. The air always moves from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure.

What causes winds-Wind is caused by differences in air pressure.

Information on Local winds

  • Definition- local winds are caused by the unequal heating of Earths surface within a small area.
  • Unequal heating often happens near lakes and ocean coasts
  • Sea Breezes- A sea breezes is a local wind that blows from the ocean. A lake breeze is a local wind that blows from a lake. Also A sea breeze or lake usually happens during the day.
  • Land breezes- A land breeze is a local wind that blows from the land over a lake or ocean. A land breezes usually happens at night.

Global winds

  • Global winds- Global winds are winds that travel over a large area......Like the globe
  • Doldrums- These winds are at the equator (0 degrees latitude) and they are very weak.
  • Trade winds- The trade wind are global winds that blow in the Northern Hemisphere towards the equator from 30 degrees north latitude. Latitude is the distance from the equator.
  • Prevailing Westerlies- Wind blows from the west to the east between 30 and 60 degrees latitude in both the Northerner and Southern hemisphere. Since the winds always blow from the west/ they are called the prevailing Westerlies.
  • Jet streams- High-speed winds call jet streams blow at the top of the troposphere.
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