Early Female Puberty

Brie Williams

Early Onset Puberty

Girls can experience early puberty from many factors including heredity, nutrition, ethnicity, and SES. Girls that experience early maturation are more likely to be unpopular, anxious deviant, and have low self-esteem and body image.

Negative Results of Early Puberty

Early maturation can result in the loss of childhood, not fitting in with peers, and a higher risk of sexual molestation and abuse. In result of not fitting in with peers; early maturers will try to bond with older adolescents, who may encourage deviant behavior. Some physical risks of early puberty are breast budding, loss of adult height, and a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

A Parents Biggest Fear

Parents are terrified that their premature daughters that look like teenagers, will be more likely to act like teenagers. Media has a huge impact on girls, and half naked women in magazines, youtube videos, and music give girls the idea to be sexually active. Parents are mourning the loss of their daughters innocence too early. Parents need to help protect their early developing females from their own sexual desires and the desires of others. Parents need to keep a steady form of communication during this time, because most girls are not emotionally prepared for puberty.

Talking to Your Child About Sex

Foster open communication to show that you are a trustworthy resource. Use the correct terms for body parts to show that sex is not a secret. Use effective discussion techniques such as requiring the child's participation to avoid withdraw. Reflect before speaking and do not force your opinion on them. Keep conversations going to check on your child.

Eating Disorders

Early developers are more inclined to have a negative body image, and are therefore at a higher risk of obtaining an eating disorder. Anorexia affects about 1 percent of girls in the US. A child who is anorexic will starve themselves to loose fat on their bodies. Another common eating disorder is bulimia. Girls with bulimia will binge eat and then vomit or take laxatives to remove the food. Bulimia affects two to four percent of girls, making it more common than anorexia. Parents need to be on the look out for possible signs of an eating disorder. Extreme dieting is the most common predictor of an eating disorder.

You Can Help

Early puberty can be stopped with the help of drugs. Lupron is commonly used to prevent the release of hormones. This medication can be administered through daily injection, depots, or nasal sprays. Medication should be the last choice in dealing with early puberty though. Some precautions can be taken before the onset of puberty. Parents should provide a healthy diet and encourage daily exercise. Strict parenting and family conflict are seen as triggers of early puberty.


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