Real World Application

Into the Future

Where Will I be Utilizing Computer Tech.?

School: as Technology grows, we see it being distributed into class time and into the curriculum in all kinds of subjects. I don't doubt that I'll have to make up some charts, type some reports, and create presentations.

Searching... And Finding...

I am currently looking into a career in the medical field, but I won't get far without utilizing my knowledge of how to make an appealing presentation or flyer. I will need a resume, and I can use some of the same smart skills, and clever tricks that I learned how to do on Prezi's and flyers to aid me.

Computer Tech. will Follow me into My Career...

My career, as I mentioned, is going to be a midst the world of medicine and discovery. I am not positive what I area I will go into, but I know I will be using organizational skills, which I have picked up during Computer Tech. For one I can make charts and graphs to visually represent statistics, which I will need especially if I become a biochemist. It will be important to be able to distinguish where disease is at an increase and so on.