PAWS PD - December

December 2017 Course Catalog for New Prospect PD

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November 29 Required Session-iReady

Mark your calendar! You will receive iReady training with an iReady representative during your grade level planning Nov 29. This is a mandatory training and will count as one of your PAWS PD sessions. Make sure you record it on the Google Form!
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December 7 Required Session - Science Standards

Angela Ergle (Northwest Community STEM lead) will be here to help us dive into, unpack and understand the new Science Standards. This is a mandatory training and will count as one of your PAWS PD sessions. Make sure to record it in the Google Form.
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December 14 - Kagan Strategies for ALL students

Are you looking for strategies to help you engage all of your students in your lessons or ways to encourage accountability during group work? Kagan Structures are instructional strategies designed to promote cooperation and communication in the classroom, boost students' confidence, and retain their interest in classroom interaction. These strategies can be used in all content areas during any type of lesson! Join us on December 14th at 2:45 in Mary French’s room (K120) to discover some of these amazing cooperative learning structures!

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RSVP - Kagan Strategies for ALL students

Thursday, Dec. 14th, 2:45pm

3055 Kimball Bridge Road

Alpharetta, GA

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What Counts as PAWS PD?

Anything offered by the PAWS PD Committee and certain admin approved trainings for the entire staff. Ask Heather Welch or Amy Lemons if you wonder about which PD can count for your requirement.

How Many PAWS PD must I attend?

You may go to as many sessions as you’d like but 6 sessions are required for the year. 3 per semester.