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EcoGrate- one of the most useful eco products

Are you worried about the poor performance of your open fire? If yes, then you should know that installing EcoGrate is the best solution for you as this product greatly improves the performance of the open fireplace straight away. Ecograte is one of the most useful eco products that provides the solution to all that heat being wasted up the chimney. Especially in the winter, people spend a fortune on fuel to try and stay warm and the majority of that heat is being completely wasted. EcoGrate dramatically reduces the amount of fuel required whilst giving you that all important heat. No longer will you have to sit right beside the fire to stay warm as the EcoGrate distributes the heat evenly throughout the room space. This product is becoming extremely popular in Ireland as finally there is a way to make the fireplace extremely efficient and other advantages that it has is there are no alterations to the existing fireplace and no expensive flue liners to be fitted.

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EcoGrate is one of the most effective eco products on the market today.The quality cast iron construction adds to its longevity and the grate part of the EcoGrate is made from a high nickle content designed not to burn out like ordinary grates do. This appliance dramatically increases the heat output capacity from the fireplace and halves if not more solid fuel consumption, saving you money! EcoGrate is fan assisted, the fan draws in all that cold air from the room, super heats it and emits this air 6-8 times hotter back into the room. By installing EcoGrate you get radiated and convected heat making the fireplace super efficient. As you are getting so much more heat you don't have to use half as much fuel which significantly reduces the amount of CO2 emissions polluting our environment. EcoGrate gives you the heat, saves you money and leads to a cleaner, greener environment!

This heat saving appliance is manufactured by Celtic Product Development Ltd, a reputable Irish, award winning company. Fitting an EcoGrate into your fireplace has the immediate benefits of...

  • Dramatically increases the heat output from your open fire
  • Reduces the amount of solid fuel required
  • Quality cast iron construction
  • No alteration to the original fireplace is necessary
  • No fitting costs or flue liners required
  • Multi-Fuel
  • Fits into all standard 16" or larger fireplaces Dramatically cuts down on CO2 emissions

So, from the above information it is clear that this heat saving product is a must have for anyone who has an open fire. And today, many people are installing this heat saving product and for the first time ever are enjoying the ambience and heat from a real, efficient open fire . Installing this eco product in Ireland is very easy and people can install (when they need it) or uninstall (when they don’t need it) this product without needing the help from any professional. But remember, this eco product will only fit standard 16” or larger than 16” fireplaces. EcoGrate has won many prestigious awards like the Micro Enterprise Networks Award 2010, SCULL Awards 2011, the Hearth and Home Exhibition Award 2013, Best Alternative Fuel Appliance of the Year etc. So, if you want to buy this heat saving appliance then you must visit So, don’t waste any more of the heat or fuel and install this product into your fireplace as fast as possible.