Wild Fires

By: Aubry Chambers

About Wild Fires

"More than 75,000 wildfires have been reported in the U.S." -69 News. Plants and trees are mostly affected by wild firs. Wild fires ruin habitats for a variety of plants & animals. according to National Geographic, "4 out of 5 wild fires are started by people."

picture: http://www.blacksaturdaybushfires.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Black-Saturday-Bushfire.png

Wild Fires

"Wild fires are most common in the western U.S where heat and drought and frequent thunderstorms occur ex: Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Washington,and California." -National Geographic. "Wildlife is affected because wild fires burn acres of land and consume everything in their path." -National Geographic

Pictures of big Wild Forest Fires

Wild Fires

From what i know of, wild fires have not affected League city. However a house fire can, or if a forest fire gets large enough it can spread to League City. People can be affected by wild fires. They can lose property or even a loved one. The main causes of wild fires are: cigarettes, vehicles, fireworks and yard waste burning.

picture: http://graphics8.nytimes.com/images/2008/10/13/us/14WILDFIRES600_READY.jpg

Wild Fires

There are many solutions to wild fires. Here are a few: don't leave a fire unattended, be aware of surroundings when you light fire and use caution and COMMON SENSE before lighting.

reference: http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/natural-disasters/wildfires/