Coyote Chronicle

January 2020 Edition

Leader of the Pack

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Mullica Township Middle School PBIS recognizes the “LEADERS of the PACK” for

January 2020.

This month the character trait exemplified by these students was PERSEVERANCE.

Join us in celebrating:

5th Grade

Lacie Denmead, Yahir Blanco-Arias, Tyler Oliver, Emma Hendrickson, Eugene Dobson

6th Grade

Micah Wanek, Sean Martino, Zach Kamenar, Brooke Aupperle

7th Grade

Gianna Kennedy, Hailey Groff, Amanda D'Aversa, Bruce Campbell

Christian Capaldi, Lacy Roblin

8th Grade

Imelda Sarabia, Alyszett Hernandez, MacKenzie Cordery, Kylie Belber

The PBIS team organized a Super Bowl themed event for the entire Middle School. Students signed up for the chance to participate in an NFL Combine Competition and cheered on their teachers in Wing Bowl. Mr. Pettetti is our Mullica Middle School Wing Bowl Champion.

-Mrs. Lynn

Student Council Valentine's Day Candy Grams

Parents, if you would like to order a Candy Gram for your child, you may print the form below, and send it to school in an envelope marked Student Council, or you may drop the envelope off at the front desk.

Volleyball Tryouts

Calling all Coyotes! Volleyball Season is Almost Here!

Mullica Township Middle School offers an organized, competitive co-ed volleyball team for students in grades six through eight.

Volleyball try-outs will be held on Monday, February 10th, Wednesday, February 12th, and Wednesday, February 19th. Tryouts will be held 4:30 until 6:00 each day.

Parents can print the permission slip or pick one up from Mr. McLaughlin.

Moving Math to the Courtyard

Mr. Apalucci's group took advantage of a nice day and decided to move their lesson outside into the courtyard. The focus of the lesson was working on solving problems involving percents using the "percent proportion." Students were provided the option of working alone or with a partner, as well as working on paper or a dry-erase board. No matter which option students chose, they were asked to "check-in" after each problem and show their work before they could move on to the next problem!

-Mr. Apalucci

Unplugged Games!

7th and 8th-grade students compete against each other on non-electronic games during exploratory.

-Mrs. McClaren

Sixth Grade Social Studies

It was an exciting month for STEM activities in 6th grade Social Studies classes. Students used cuneiform to write their names in clay, just like the ancient Mesopotamians. They also mummified apples, testing different ingredients to see what acts as the best preservative.

-Mrs. Rivera

8th Graders Make Fossil Sandwiches!

In Science the 8th Graders made "Shell Sandwiches" while learning about Fossil Formation.

-Mrs. Holte & Mr. Driscoll

5th Grade Science Studies Systems in the Sky

Learning About the Sun, Earth, Moon systems.

-Mrs. Leonetti

Conaway's Coyotes

Miss Conaway's ELA students enjoyed becoming "reading detectives" while practicing their close reading strategies and learning about some of our nation's national parks.

-Miss Conaway

Celebrating Our Achievements!

On the last Friday of the month, students from Mrs. Magalong's and Mrs. Sheldon's classes joined students from Miss Donio's classes to enjoy a reward day. Students that met their January goals celebrated by spending a class period playing games, and socializing with their friends.

-Miss Donio, Mrs. Magalong, & Mrs. Sheldon

Genetic Disorders

The 7th grade has been studying about the different body systems and genetic disorders. To finish up this Scope, students did oral reports explaining different disorders and conditions. Students learned a lot about Down's Syndrome, Color Blindness, Fragile X Syndrome and many others.

-Mrs. Bartling / Mrs. Sheldon

Band Honors

All South Jersey Junior High band try out we’re held last Saturday at Southern Regional MS. About 400 of the best band students in South Jersey were there to audition. One of Mullica’s 7th-grade students tried out on Trombone and was accepted into the band. Rocco Buonsante will be performing at Fernwood MS school with about 150 of the top musicians on Sunday, March 1st. Congratulations Rocco!!

-Mrs. Bridge

Board Game Club at ACE

7th and 8th-grade students have enjoyed learning to play many board games. Ice Cool and Jetpack Joyride are quickly becoming favorites. Students also enjoy playing the classics with their friends.

-Miss Ocheske

8th Grade Visits Cedar Creek

8th-grade students from Mullica Township, Egg Harbor City, and Port Republic visited Cedar Creek for a morning full of entertainment, information, and food as they pondered their future and high school journey on January 31, 2020. Cedar Creek students began the day with entertainment from the Music and Performing Arts Classes. Additionally, the eighth grade heard all about the course options that will be offered to them as freshman, had a guided tour of the school building by student ambassadors, and took part in a panel discussion with seniors about student life at Cedar Creek. The students concluded the visit with pizza in the student cafeteria provided Cedar Creek. Overall a very exciting day for our future Cedar Creek Pirates!

-Mr. Petetti and Mr. Maher

Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat

Our students continue to consider the complexities of wartime morality as they examine the powerful speech, “Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat,” delivered by Winston Churchill as the United Kingdom entered into the war against German fascism. Students were provided with a set of focus questions and tasks as they worked in groups of three unlocking the meaning of the speech and making inferences about Churchill's character. This activity prepared them for their independent assessment in which students responded to the following questions: According to Churchill's speech, what will war mean for the British people, and why should England be involved? How does the main idea of Churchill's speech reveal his response to conflict, and what does this say about him?

-Mrs. Vanderheyden

STEM from K to 7th

Mrs. Scarlett’s (K-3rd) and Miss Nowlan’s (4th-7th) classes worked together to build STEM towers. Groups were engaged in critical thinking, problem-solving, creative and collaborative skills!

-Miss Nowlan

Middle School Yearbooks

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This school year will live forever in the pages of the yearbook. Help your student remember friends, classes, fun and more by purchasing a 2020 yearbook today! Middle School Yearbooks can be purchased using the following link:

-Miss. Conaway

8th Grade Yearbook Recognition Ads


Attention all proud 8th-grade parents! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create a custom ad for your 8th grader’s yearbook! Be sure to celebrate your 8th grader's journey with a yearbook ad. Yearbook ads are a great way to celebrate your child’s success and reflect on the person he or she has become. The last day to purchase and create an ad is 02/13/2020. Please use the following link to create a recognition ad for your 8th grader:

ACES Information!

ACES registration will be EXTENDED UNTIL FEBRUARY 28!

ACES is available to ANY Grades 3-8 Mullica School Students

AND Cedar Creek HS 9-12th Grade Students who are residents of Mullica Township.

Our FREE Summer ACES Program (5 weeks, Monday-Thursday, in July and August)

is open only to children registered in ACES prior to March 1, 2020,

who also log a minimum of 45 days in our program between now and May 8, 2020.

Vision: It is our vision to offer high quality, hands on and inquiry based opportunities in an afterschool environment to all registered participants that will yield improved academic achievement, positive behavior, social interaction and parental involvement while preparing students for the 21st Century.

Mission: The Mullica Township Schools’ 21st Century Community Learning Center also known as ACES: Afterschool Coyote Experiences, is dedicated to providing a safe environment facilitated by nurturing adults where opportunities in academic remediation and enrichment, positive youth development, culture and the arts, health/nutrition/fitness and physical activity as well as opportunities for parental involvement are offered.

Services: ACES offers the following services to registered students:

• Remediation and enrichment in math, science and language arts

• Tutoring & Counseling

• The Arts: Cultural, Visual and Performing

• Character Education

• Physical Fitness/Health and Wellness

• Technology

Transportation: Parents have the option of picking up their ACES registered child by 6PM at the SRO desk, or having their child transported home on the Courtesy 6:15PM Activity Buses.

Program: Students receive academic and enrichment activities Monday - Thursday. Participation in our On/Off Site Fun Friday Events and Trips are based on attendance in the ACES Program.

February Fun Fridays and Thrilling Thursdays

February 7th- "Pick Your Fun & Games Friday"

(Options TBD: Outside Play OR National Junior Honor Society Dodgeball Tournament OR Dress Rehearsal Audience Attendance for Children's Stage Adventures OR Pick a Room of Fun.

Eligibility: Mullica ACES Students with 30 days of attendance OR NEW STUDENTS (registered after 1/1/20) 3 of 4 days, M-Th

February 13th - Thrilling Thursday “SOUPER FAMILY BINGO NIGHT”.

Parents invited to "Come and Play" - Food & Refreshments Available.

Eligibility: Mullica ACES Students with 30 days of attendance OR NEW STUDENTS (registered after 1/1/20) ALL 3 days Mon-Wed

February 21st - Physical Fitness Fun Friday

Eligibility: Mullica ACES Students with 30 days of attendance OR NEW STUDENTS (registered after 1/1/20) 2 of 3 days Tues-Thurs

February 28th - "Make-Up Movie Night" - Fun Friday “Frozen 2”

Eligibility: Mullica ACES Students with 30 days of attendance OR NEW STUDENTS (registered after 1/1/20) 3 of 4 days Mon-Thurs

Registration in ACES is NOT mandatory to participate in non-ACES activities (like Band, our Sports Teams, Robotics, Student Council, MASH, etc.) but it is highly encouraged. Registration provides parents the flexibility of having a safe environment for their child to transition to,

when non-ACES practices, events, and/or meetings end.

ACES applications are available in the Mullica Township Middle and Primary Offices, as well as in the Cedar Creek High School Guidance Office.

Mark Your Calendar

  • · February 3 - February 7 - Children’s Stage Adventure

    · February 7 - NJHS Dodgeball Tournament

    · February 7 – ACES Fun Friday – “Pick Your Fun Friday” options

    · February 7 – Children’s Stage Adventure Evening Performance

    · February 13 – ACES Thrilling Thursday – Souper Family Bingo Night

    · February 13 - Administrative Detention - 3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

    · February 14 - Early Dismissal - Staff In-Service

    · February 17 - School Closed - Presidents Day

    · February 18 - Elementary School Class Pictures / Club & Sports

    · February 19 - Middle School Class Pictures / Club & Sports

    · February 21 – ACES Fun Friday – Physical Fitness Friday

    · February 21 - MTEA Presents: Staff Lip Sync Battle

    · February 26 – ACES Family & Community Health Night

    · February 26 - Board of Education Meeting - 7:00 pm

    · February 28 – ACES cycle 2 ends

    · February 28 – ACES Fun Friday – Makeup Movie Night

    · March 2 – ACES cycle 3 begins

    · March 11 – Trimester 2 Ends

    · March 12 – Trimester 3 Begins

    · March 13 – PTA Designer Bag Bingo