Songs of "The Pearl"

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

The Song of the Family- "For the Good Times"- Al Green

“Don't look so sad I know its over

But life goes on and this world keeps on turning

Let's just be glad we have this time to spend together

There is no need to watch the bridges that were burning.”

Kino hears the song of the family when Juana is cooking or taking care of the baby. When he hears this song, he is peaceful, comforting, and loving towards life. Kino also hears this song when him, Juana, and Coyotito are together and doing what they do everyday. The song of the family symbolizes peace and love.

Similar to The Song of the Family that Kino hears, “For the Good Times” is about loving the moment they have together and not to be sad when it is over. Al Green sings of his time with his girl and reminds of the good moments they have/have had with each other and not the bad. This song is a good representation to love life with your family.

Al Green - For The Good Times

The Song of Evil- "Pursuit of the Evil God'- Prokofiev

I think this is a good representation of evil because if you listen to the music and how it is composed, you can hear that eery sound at the beginning of the piece. Although there is no lyrics, the piece and the notes say something as well.

When Kino hears the sound of evil, things rush through his mind when evil is about to strike or something evil happens. Both songs symbolize evil. For example, when he was attacked by someone, he heard the song of evil. This song also fits because the name is “Pursuit of the Evil God.” This song is similar to the song of evil because they both have you kind of waiting for the evil to happen, its starts slow and then bam! It happens.

Prokofiev - Scythian Suite - Pursuit Of The Evil God
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Song of the Enemy- "Know Your Enemy"- Green Day

"Do you know the enemy

Do you know your enemy

Well gotta' know the enemy

Silence is the enemy

Against your urgency

so rally up the demons of your soul"

Kino hears the song of the enemy whenever bad people or bad things are happening. For example, Kino hears the song of the enemy when he goes to sell the pearl and the buyers offer low prices, and when the scorpion is about to attack Coyotito. This song symbolizes evil and bad people to Kino.

I chose this song because it’s about knowing your enemy which Kino must do now that he has the pearl. He says he is “every mans enemy.” In the song “Know Your Enemy,” it says you need to know your enemy, which Kino must do to keep his pearl and family safe, because the pearl has attracted unwanted people that begin to attack him.

Green Day: "Know Your Enemy" - [Official Video]

Song of the Pearl (beginning)- "Peace Train"- Cat Stevens

“Now I've been happy lately, thinking about the good things to come

And I believe it could be, something good has begun”

In The Pearl, Kino and Juana hear the song of the pearl when they find it. They’re so happy because one, pearls are rare, second, because this could solve their money problem with getting help for Coyotito. The song of the pearl symbolizes hope and money.

I chose Peace Train by Cat Stevens because he sings of happiness and how he hope for good things. This is similar to Kinos song of the pearl because he hopes of doing all of these things with the money the pearl will provide. Kino is also happy, just like the lyrics that Cat Stevens sings above. Cat sings that “something good has begun” which Kino thinks he has found when he finds the pearl while diving. He believes the money will help his son. He also dreams of sending Coyotito to school with the money, and having a marriage with Juana.

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Cat Stevens- Peace Train

Song of the Pearl (End)- "Fearful Odds"- Oblivion Soundtrack

In The Pearl, Kino hears the song of the pearl at the end when he sees what this pearl has done to his family. He had been oblivious to this song ‘till after he saw what the pearl had done to his family. Within a matter of days, the pearl had ruined his life and taken away his child. When he Kino heard this song, he look at the once beautiful pearl and saw what it had done. He threw the urceolus pearl back into the ocean. This song symbolizes evil and bad luck.

Though this song has no lyrics, as you listen to Fearful Odds, it is from the Movie Oblivion. This song had played when (Tom Cruise) had lost all hope to get home and had been fearful of the future. Fearful Odds, just like the song of the pearl is played when bad luck and evil appears. The pearl was one a main part of Kinos life, no it is ugly and sinister.

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Oblivion Movie Soundtrack - Fearful Odds HD

Song of the Book- "Waves"- Mr. Probz

I'm slowly drifting away (drifting away)

Wave after wave, wave after wave

I'm slowly drifting (drifting away)

And it feels like I'm drowning

Pulling against the stream

The song of the book is the overall feeling and message. I think that Waves is a good song for this because Kino found the pearl in the ocean and had to get rid of it in the ocean. Kino watches as the pearl “drifts” away. Mr. Probz sings of how he feels like he’s drowning as each wave comes, kind of like the way Kino felt when he threw the pearl. That pearl was his whole life and it destroyed him. He lost his son and he can never get him back. This song symbolizes that not all things are worth keeping. I think this because Kino could have gotten rid of the pearl before all of that happened, but he didn't, and now sees that it wasn't worth keeping.

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Mr Probz - Waves (lyrics) Original