Our Super Awesome Gymnasium

All About Edinboro Elementary's Gymnasium


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In the humid, brightly lit, noisy and sweaty gym, there are many fun and exciting activities that happen here. We don't play just one kind of tag in our gymnasium, we play three, and sometimes more! Running, jumping, exercising, skipping, and dancing are just some of the awesome activities that take place. Not only are there indoor sports activities but there are also outdoor activities. Some of them include: snowshoeing, skiing, bike riding, swimming, basketball, hockey, kickball and baseball. Whether fast or slow, strong or weak, all students have to complete these activities for physical education class: sit and reach, the half mile run, sit-ups, shuttle run, and pull ups! All of these activities are fun and exciting for all who enter.


There is a lot of equipment in the gym. There are hockey sticks, pucks, soccer balls, baseballs, basketballs, nets, hoops, bleachers and jerseys. They are used for many of the sports played in the gym.You must wear sneakers and gym clothes in the gym. The rock wall is there for climbing. Cones, hurdles, jump-ropes, and scooters are also used for many activities.

Gym Uses

The gym is used for many things. Physical education is also called PE or gym class. There are also assemblies, concerts, and after school events in the gym.

About the Author

This article has been written and published by Miss Becker and her wonderful 4th graders at Edinboro Elementary School.