Women's Rights

Inaara Maredia

How women's rights changed over time

In Antigone, The Yellow Wallpaper, The Story of an Hour, and A Left-Handed Commencement Address; Sophocles, Charlotte Gilman, Kate Chopin and Ursula K. Le Guin, all talk about women's rights.

The Story of an Hour Commentary

In the first quote, it is talking about how her friends and family would tell Mrs. Mallard the news of her husband's death. They tell Mrs. Mallard the news very carefully because she has heart troubles and is a woman. in the second quote, Mrs. Mallard is thinking about how her husbancd's death would freedom for her and how life would finally belong to her. in the third quote, Mrs. Mallard is thinking about how her will to do whatever she wanted will no longer be bounded by the will of her husband.

Antigone commentary

In the first Antigone quote Ismene is talking to Antigone and trying to get her to not go against Creon because they are only women and they cannot go against the king. In the second quote Creon and Hameon are arguing if Antigone should be killed for her actions and Creon is telling Hameon that he has be taken in by a women which is an insult. In the third quote Creon is telling Hameon that he does not need to defend Antigone because she is only good in bed and that he will grow tired of her.

The Left-Handed Commencement Address & The Yellow Wallpaper

In the first quote Ursula is saying that people think that it should be men that graduate from colleges instead of women. In the second quote Ursula is saying that the public language is the language of men. Meaning that whatever the public thinks is usually what the men think because women do not have an input in the situations. In the last quote from The Yellow Wallpaper I think it symbolizes how she is beautiful and composed on the inside but on the inside she too is broken.


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